Nintendo Friends Object Hunt

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Nintendo Friends Object Hunt
Nintendo Friends Object Hunt title screen.png
Title screen
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Release date
Genre Puzzle
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Nintendo Friends Object Hunt is a game on the Nintendo Kids Club website.


The player has to find certain parts of a picture, such as a character or an object, shown on the right side. Upon starting a new game, the player has to choose a difficulty level, which will determine the number of parts that have to be found: five for Easy, six for Medium and seven for Difficult. When a part is identified on an image, the player has to click/tap it on the picture and a green circle will surround it. If the player selects a part that is not listed on the right, five seconds are added to the timer. When all parts are found, a window will appear showing a rating out of three stars based on how much time it took the player to find everything. The player can then choose to play a new game or close the window to return to the title screen.

With each new attempt, the game cycles through one of the following images, regardless of the difficulty level:

The game can be paused at any point by clicking on the PAUSE button at the bottom. On the pause screen, the player can choose to start a new game (upon which they will have to pick a difficulty level again) or resume the current game.


Depending on the score, one of three characters also appears in the same window as the score (only in the desktop version): Bowser Jr. at one star, Diddy Kong at two and a Monty Mole at three.


  • 00:24 or above
  • 00:16 to 00:23
  • 00:15 or under


  • 00:31 or above
  • 00:21 to 00:30
  • 00:20 or under


  • 00:38 or above
  • 00:26 to 00:37
  • 00:25 or under

In-game instructions[edit]

Your Nintendo friends need your help! Can you spot all the picture parts that are shown down the right side within the main picture? Click on each one in the main picture to circle it. Be quick, the clock is ticking!!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Busca los objetos de los amigos de Nintendo Search for objects from Nintendo's friends
French Chasse aux objets des amis Nintendo Nintendo friends object hunt
Dutch Speurtocht voor Nintendo-vrienden Treasure hunt for Nintendo friends
German Schnitzeljagd für Nintendo-Freunde Scavenger hunt for Nintendo friends
Italian Caccia all'oggetto con gli amici di Nintendo Hunt the object with Nintendo friends
Portuguese Caça aos objetos Nintendo Friends Nintendo friends object hunt
Russian Найди скрытые предметы с друзьями Nintendo
Naydi skrytyye predmety s druz'yami Nintendo
Find hidden objects with Nintendo friends