Mario's Festive Mix-up!

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Mario's Festive Mix-up!
Mario's Festive Mix-up! title screen.png
Title screen
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Browser
Genre Puzzle
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Mario's Festive Mix-up! is a game on the Nintendo Kids Club website.[1] A similar activity is available on the Play Nintendo website.


The player has to complete a sliding puzzle featuring Mario in a winter setting. Before the game starts, they must select a difficulty level, which will determine the number of tiles in the puzzle: nine for Easy and sixteen for Difficult. The base picture will then be shown for five seconds, after which it is scrambled into multiple tiles that the player has to reorder. To move a tile, the player must simply click on it (or swipe it on touchscreen devices) and it will slide into the nearby empty space. When all available tiles are arranged correctly, the empty space is automatically filled in with the tile that completes the puzzle. A window then pops up showing a rating out of three stars based on how much time it took the player to complete the puzzle. The player can then choose to play a new game or close the window to return to the title screen.

The game can be paused at any point by clicking on the PAUSE button at the bottom. On the pause screen, the player can choose to start a new game (upon which they will have to pick a difficulty level again) or resume the current game.

Score times[edit]

The score requirements are the same regardless of difficulty level.

  • 00:41 or over
  • 00:30 to 00:40
  • 00:29 or under

Depending on the score, one of three characters also appears in the same window as the score (only in the desktop version): Bowser Jr. at one star, Diddy Kong at two and a Monty Mole at three.

In-game instructions[edit]

Help Mario get into the festive spirit by putting this picture back together.

When the game starts, we’ll show you a picture, then we’ll jumble it all up. It’s up to you to put it right again!

Click on a tile to move it into the space. Keep moving tiles around until the pictures match – the quicker you finish, the better your score!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Revoltijo navideño de Mario[2] Mario's Christmas jumble
French Méli-mélo festif de Mario[3] Mario's festive mishmash
Dutch Mario's feestelijke feestmix![4] Mario's festive party mix!
German Marios festliches Durcheinander![5] Mario's festive mess!
Italian Pasticcio natalizio di Mario[6] Mario's Christmas mess
Portuguese Baralhada natalícia[7] Christmas shuffle
Russian Праздничный переполох с Марио![8]
Prazdnichnyy perepolokh s Mario!
Festive commotion with Mario!


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