WarioWare Twisted Marble Maze Game

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WarioWare Twisted Marble Maze Game
The title screen of WarioWare Twisted Marble Maze Game.
Developer VPI.net
Publisher KOL, Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Shockwave
Release date 2005[citation needed]
ESRB:E - Everyone
Mode(s) Single player
Format HTML
Input Mouse, keyboard

WarioWare Twisted Marble Maze Game was an online Adobe Shockwave game developed by VPI.net and published by Nintendo and KOL. It was made to promote the release of WarioWare: Twisted! on the Game Boy Advance.


The game is a maze collectathon game, where the player has to collect various "goodies" to advance further in the game. The player controls a ball by moving the maze with either the mouse or the arrow keys, which will cause the ball to roll. There are two types of collectibles: one shaped like an equatorial cross, and another, more scarce one shaped like a double pyramid. The latter will trigger a line of text describing one of the characters featured in WarioWare: Twisted!. Once the player has collected all of the collectibles, a twister appears that the player must reach to move on to the next level. There are a total of three levels, each of which has a different maze layout. Once the player has completed the game, a screen appears at the end that tells the player how long they took on each level.

Character information[edit]

Round 1[edit]

  • Wario: "Eat your garlic and give me your money!"
  • Jimmy: The finger-snappin' dance-crazy hip cat.

Round 2[edit]

  • Mona: She's cute and perky and determined to be a pizza tycoon.
  • Dr. Crygor: This jitterbugging scientist is a few test-tubes short of a laboratory.

Round 3[edit]