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This is a list of microgames in WarioWare: Twisted! WarioWare: Twisted! has a variety of microgames that need the player to do numerous things to beat them. Below is a complete list of all the microgames. They are in the order that they appear in the Spindex. There are a total of 223 microgames, the second most in the entire series after WarioWare Gold.

Mini Spin[edit]

These microgames are hosted by Mona and require small moves. The intermission stage consists of a TV broadcast of Sal Out performing the song Mona Pizza being viewed by the customers who ordered the pizza with the channel indicator acting as a score counter. The number of lives are indicated by pizzas. If the player wins, the crowd cheers. If the player loses, Sal Out trips. When the player loses all their lives, the TV turns static. This is the only stage in the game without the "Speed Up", "Boss Encounter", "Game Over", and "Stage Clear" jingles.

Microgame Icon Description Microgame Icon Description
Avoid-A-Roid Icon.png
"Steer clear!" Foul Balls
Foul Balls Icon.png
"If you don't want to get beaned in the head, move it!"
Balancing Act
Balancing Act Icon.png
"Take this show on the road!" Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Icon.png
"It's your birthday! Make a wish."
Fancy Footwork
Fancy Footwork Icon.png
"Don't let the ball hit the ground." Doggy Door
Doggy Door Icon.png
"Don't get squished, Spot!"
Hard-Pressed Icon.png
"Get rid of all the wrinkles in your shirt. You look like a slob! Oh wait, that's me." Cat Walk
Cat Walk Icon.png
"Cats don't really have nine lives, so help him cross safely."
On a Roll
On a Roll Icon.png
"Must...keep...moving... Must...not...fall...into...water..." Foiled Again!
Foiled Again! Icon.png
"En garde! Slice the white circles, but watch out for the red ones!"
Magnafire Icon.png
"Focus...focus... BURN!" Practical Joker
Practical Joker Icon.png
"Force the other guy to take the Joker!"
Outta My Way!
Outta My Way! Icon.png
"Don't trip up on your road trip!" Sew Easy
Sew Easy Icon.png
"Sew the red trim onto the cloth. You better not mess up, 'cause I gotta wear that thing."
And the Winner is...
And the Winner is... Icon.png
"Everyone loves a winner. Be first to meet first place." Sync or Sink
Sync or Sink Icon.png
"Sync up with your partners! If you hit each other, that's it!"
Busted! Icon.png
"Don't let that spy get away!" Barrel Roll
Barrel Roll Icon.png
"Rotate the plane to exit through the space."
Force Feeding
Force Feeding Icon.png
"Pull the alien's cheeks to make him eat! Don't tell Orbulon. They might be friends." Company Picnic
Company Picnic Icon.png
"Man, you really gotta jump through hoops if you want to get ahead!"
Red Delicious?
Red Delicious Icon.png
"You find the weirdest things in organic produce." Coffee Jitters
Coffee Jitters Icon.png
"I need coffee! Coffee coffee coffee COFFEEEEEEE!!!"
Assembly Flyin'
Assembly Flyin' Icon.png
"The robot is not going to make itself!" Welcome Wagon
Welcome Wagon Icon.png
"Who's in that car? Turn it this way."
Boss: Skyway Highway
Skyway Highway Icon.png
"Pilot the helicopter to the other side."


"To beat my stage, you'll need a little spin and a lot of skill!" (Story description)
"The only way to beat these cute little games is with cute little spins!" (Spindex description)


Before "Speed Up" (8 in any order) After "Speed Up" (4 in any order) Boss microgame
Avoid-A-Roid Magnafire Skyway Highway
Foul Balls Sync or Sink
Balancing Act Busted!
Happy Birthday Barrel Roll
Fancy Footwork Force Feeding
Doggy Door Company Picnic
Hard-Pressed Coffee Jitters
Cat Walk Assembly Flyin'
On a Roll Welcome Wagon
Foiled Again!
Practical Joker
Outta My Way!
Sew Easy
And the Winner is...
Red Delicious?

Big Tipper[edit]

These microgames are found in Jimmy T.'s stage and involve big spins. The intermission stage consists of Jimmy T's cell phone. The number of lives are depicted by battery icons. If the player wins, Jimmy smiles and the phone takes a snapshot. If the player loses, he does a death expression and frowns.

Microgame Icon Description Microgame Icon Description
Down in the Dumps
Down in the Dumps Icon.png
"Fill the hole with the dirt in your truck!" Feel the Burn
Feel the Burn Icon.png
"This workout is killing me. Auuuggghh!"
Night and Day
Night and Day Icon.png
"Around and around. Make time pass." Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk Icon.png
"You got game?"
Dishpan Hands
Dishpan Hands Icon.png
"It's your turn to do the dishes." Net Profits
Net Profits Icon.png
"Everything in the net is mine. MINE!"
Focus Pocus
Focus Pocus Icon.png
"Got the picture?" Beware of Dog
Beware of Dog Icon.png
"Who's chasing who?"
Circular Logic
Circular Logic Icon.png
"Portrait of the artist as a young pup." H2-Woah!
H2-Woah! Icon.png
"Water slide etiquette says we look out for others!"
Twist and Sprout
Twist and Sprout Icon.png
"Twist the stem and see what blooms." Bacon Patrol
Bacon Patrol Icon.png
"I'm not done with my fence yet, so don't let my pig get away!"
Make Way for Martian
Make Way for Martian Icon.png
"Let him in and he'll save us all!" Stab in the Dark
Stab in the Dark Icon.png
"Danger lurks in the darkness! Use your sword to defend yourself!"
Self-Defense Icon.png
"You never know when a baseball is going to come flying out of nowhere and take you out!" Bright Idea
Bright Idea Icon.png
"I CAN'T SEE! Screw the lightbulb back in!"
Dig This!
Dig This! Icon.png
"I gotta get to the surface." Daily Grind
Daily Grind Icon.png
"Fill the container with coffee beans! Don't worry about dropping a few."
Ice Queen
Ice Queen Icon.png
"Spin spin spin and show the judges who's best!" Save our Raft!
Save our Raft! Icon.png
"It's been about a week since the shipwreck... Use the light to find the castaway."
Fashion Plate
Fashion Plate Icon.png
"Complete the look!" Daredevil
Daredevil Icon.png
"Ready...GO! Time your dash, or you might get squished."
Road Work
Road Work Icon.png
"Build the road and do it well." Alternative Medicine
Alternative Medicine Icon.png
"Shake it! No, not that. The capsule."
Boss: One Step at a Time
One Step at a Time Icon.png
"A good tune to whistle as you run up the stairs."


"Bust out your biggest moves for these games! You're gonna sweat!" (Story description)
"Give it a spin, baby, and feel the burn, because this is more than a game. It's a workout! Aw, yeah..." (Spindex description)


Before first "Speed Up" (6 in any order) After first "Speed Up" (5 in any order) After second "Speed Up" (3 in any order) Boss microgame
Down in the Dumps Focus Pocus Twist and Sprout One Step at a Time
Feel the Burn Bacon Patrol Save our Raft!
Night and Day Stab in the Dark Fashion Plate
Slam Dunk Self-Defense Daredevil
Dishpan Hands Bright Idea Alternative Medicine
Net Profits Dig This!
Beware of Dog Daily Grind
Circular Logic Road Work
Make Way for Martian
Ice Queen

Tap Out[edit]

These microgames are hosted by Kat and Ana. Every microgame from this stage can only be controlled by pressing A Button. The intermission stage consists of Kat and Ana poses. Shadow the Dog holds a sign showing the player's score. The number of lives are depicted by compass blades. If the player wins, they cheer. If the player loses, they feel disappointed. When the player loses all their lives, the "Game Over" text is shown in both English and Japanese.

Microgame Icon Description Microgame Icon Description
Bubblegum Blues
Bubblegum Blues Icon.png
"It's fun being a jerk. Pop this guy's bubble!" Big Drip
Big Drip Icon.png
"Sometimes, you just want to punch water. It's best to do this alone."
Rocky Reunion
Rocky Reunion Icon.png
"It's been a decade since they've seen each other. The only thing that stands between them are those rocks." Vicious Veggies
Vicious Veggies Icon.png
"See, this is why you should have eaten your vegetables."
Nuts! Icon.png
"Nibble away 'til it's gone!" The Wave
The Wave Icon.png
"You don't want to be the only one standing."
Contact Lens Solution
Contact Lens Solution Icon.png
"Don't poke your eye out!" Going Postal
Going Postal Icon.png
"Put the mail in the mailbox."
Launchpad Icon.png
"Time the frogs' jumps so they'll land on the vines." Crazy Crush
Crazy Crush Icon.png
"I have to tell him how I feel! Tell me when I can run into him!"
Falling Asheep
Falling Asheep Icon.png
"When you can't sleep? Sheep!" Stalled Out
Stalled Out Icon.png
Thar He Blows
Thar He Blows Icon.png
"It's OK to blow up in this game." Mixed Grill
Mixed Grill Icon.png
"The coals are HOT! Skewer all the ingredients in one shot!"
Survival of the Quickest
Survival of the Quickest Icon.png
"Evolve or die!" Weird Science
Weird Science Icon.png
"Even germs need a chance to relax. I want to go for a swim in the beaker!"
Slap Jack!
Slap Jack! Icon.png
"I may be a giant, but that doesn't mean Jack can steal from me. I'm gonna slap him right out of the sky." Crazy Straw
Crazy Straw Icon.png
"Drink it all! Every drop!"
Beauty School
Beauty School Icon.png
"Don't cut it too short." Track Star
Track Star Icon.png
"Perfect your timing to make the bar!"
Boss: Nose Dive
Nose Dive Icon.png
"Use your hand missiles to defeat the nose-vaders!"


"Just 'cause you only need one thumb to play our games doesn't mean you won't have your hands full!" (Story description)
"No spinning necessary here! All you gotta do is press A Button to get through these games. Don't let the simple controls fool you, though. These games are tricky!" (Spindex description)


Before first "Speed Up" (6 in any order) After first "Speed Up" (5 in any order) After second "Speed Up" (3 in any order) Boss microgame
Bubblegum Blues Crazy Crush Slap Jack! Nose Dive
Big Drip Falling Asheep Crazy Straw
Rocky Reunion Stalled Out Beauty School
Vicious Veggies Thar He Blows Track Star
Nuts! Mixed Grill
The Wave Survival of the Quickest
Contact Lens Solution Weird Science
Going Postal

Steer Clear[edit]

These microgames are hosted by Dribble and Spitz. They require tilting the Game Boy Advance and pressing A Button. The intermission stage consists of the taxi's hood. The score is shown on the taxi's license plate. The number of lives are depicted by number of wrenches. If the player wins, the cab smiles. If the player loses, it frowns.

Microgame Icon Description Microgame Icon Description
Shoot the Fruit
Shoot the Fruit Icon.png
"I'm starving and lazy. Go hunt down some fruit for me." D.I.Y.
D.I.Y. Icon.png
"Hammer all the nails in."
Key Ring
Key Ring Icon.png
"Help me stick the right key into the hole." County Fair
County Fair Icon.png
"Find an open car and get in already!"
Eating Contest
Eating Contest Icon.png
"You gotta eat it all if you want to win!" Spintecticide
Spintecticide Icon.png
"Eat all the bugs."
I Hate Bananas
I Hate Bananas Icon.png
"This time my target is the banana! Destroy all the bananas!" Handy Man
Handy Man Icon.png
"Squeeze! Just squeeze!"
Homecoming King
Homecoming King Icon.png
"Catch the ball!" Wheel of Whack
Wheel of Whack Icon.png
"Whack whatever pops out of the wheel."
Five-Second Rule
Five-Second Rule Icon.png
"Defend your snacks from the ants!" Oral Hijinks
Oral Hijinks Icon.png
"Um, you have something in your teeth..."
Beat-Down Icon.png
"Beat them all down!" Picky Eater
Picky Eater Icon.png
"This sushi bar has some weird items on their menu. All I want is sushi..."
Gyroid Jumble
Gyroid Jumble Icon.png
"Match your gyroid up with the outline." Last Piece
Last Piece Icon.png
"It won't work to just jam it in there. I tried."
Heavy Lifting
Heavy Lifting Icon.png
"Let's see how strong you really are." Home Haircut
Home Haircut Icon.png
"You gotta clean up this mess of a hairdo."
Tooth Trouble
Tooth Trouble Icon.png
"That's one bad cavity! The tooth's gotta go." Picture Perfect
Picture Perfect Icon.png
"Even an amateur photographer can fit the entire subject in a frame."
Laser Lineup
Laser Lineup Icon.png
"You've got one shot to zap all your enemies!" Flip Out!
Flip Out! Icon.png
"Flip that flapjack and catch it! This is the first step towards master chef-dom!"
Boss: Basic Training
Basic Training Icon.png
"Stay on track to get to your destination!"


"You gotta spin and press the A Button button in our stage. Hey, it beats driving stick!" (Story description)
"These games use both the spin and A Button. It takes some gettin' used to, but you can figger it out, can't you? Lemme tell you, it's easier than drivin' a cab!" (Spindex description)


Before first "Speed Up" (6 in any order) After first "Speed Up" (6 in any order) After second "Speed Up" (3 in any order) Boss microgame
Shoot the Fruit Spintecticide Home Haircut Basic Training
D.I.Y. Wheel of Whack Tooth Trouble
Key Ring Five-Second Rule Picture Perfect
County Fair Oral Hijinks Laser Lineup
Eating Contest Beat-Down Flip Out!
I Hate Bananas Picky Eater
Handy Man Gyroid Jumble
Homecoming King Last Piece
Heavy Lifting


These microgames, hosted by Dr. Crygor, involve rotating the system to alter the microgames' gravity. The intermission stage consists of a washing machine. The number of lives are indicated by detergent bottles. If the player wins, the compartment spins. If the player loses, the machine shakes.

Microgame Icon Description Microgame Icon Description
Hat's Off
Hat's Off Icon.png
"Flip him over and reveal this guy's true identity!" Tiltillation
Tiltillation Icon.png
"Drop the ball!"
Crescent Roll
Crescent Roll Icon.png
"Slide the little devil off the crescent moon. Don't drop the girl and the boy, though." Power Outage
Power Outage Icon.png
"Don't be a dim wick!"
Mooo-ve It!
Mooo-ve It! Icon.png
"Tilt the room and slide the milk over! Don't spill it, you klutz!" Gravi-key
Gravi-key Icon.png
"Gimme my key back!"
Half Full
Half Full Icon.png
"Fill it up." Cliff-Hanger
Cliff-Hanger Icon.png
"Give your friend a hand!"
Shake Down
Shake Down Icon.png
"What's inside the container? Turn it upside down and shake it!" Heartwrench
Heartwrench Icon.png
"An easier way to steal a heart."
Trash Day
Trash Day Icon.png
"I took the trash out last time. It's your turn!" Half Empty
Half Empty Icon.png
"Cooking is a major pain. You gotta measure everything just right."
Spout Off
Spout Off Icon.png
""Ahh, put a plug in it." Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Icon.png
"Blow that smell over here."
Skid Road
Skid Road Icon.png
"Stop the rolling object by leveling out the hill." Balloonatic
Balloonatic Icon.png
"You'll land softly if you catch a balloon."
Spitfall Icon.png
"Catch the drool in the bucket." What Goes In...
What Goes In... Icon.png
"Move the food through the body! All the way through!"
Open-And-Shut Case
Open-And-Shut Case Icon.png
"What's behind the door?" Shower Power
Shower Power Icon.png
"Put out the fire!"
Boss: Stumblebot
Stumblebot Icon.png
"Don't fall, Stumblebot! Change the direction of gravity to ensure that he doesn't!"


"Spin the earth! Then you can boogie down up there!" (Story description)
"My invention makes me the master of GRAVITY ITSELF!!! And now, I'm sharing this power with you. You'll need to learn how to control gravity if you want to win... YOU HEARD ME!" (Spindex description)


Before first "Speed Up" (6 in any order) After first "Speed Up" (5 in any order) After second "Speed Up" (3 in any order) Boss microgame
Hat's Off Power Outage Balloonatic Stumblebot
Tiltillation Cliff-Hanger Spitfall
Crescent Roll Heartwrench What Goes In...
Mooo-ve It! Trash Day Open-And-Shut Case
Gravi-key Half Empty Shower Power
Half Full Spout Off
Shake Down Skid Road

Speed Spin[edit]

In this level hosted by Wario, the player must complete the microgames as fast as they can, in order to increase the time on the clock. If the time reaches 0, the player will lose.

Microgame Icon Description Microgame Icon Description
Cutting It Close
Cutting It Close Icon.png
"Some guys prefer the clean-shaven look over the mustached look. Help him get a close shave!" Kit-tease
Kit-tease Icon.png
"It's a battle of wits between you and the cat."
Rays the Devil
Rays the Devil Icon.png
"I'm not scared of you. Take that!" Iron Stomach
Iron Stomach Icon.png
"Greed is good! Eat everything on the plate!"
Wipeout! Icon.png
"Clean your windshield." Step On It
Step On It Icon.png
"I am the destroyer. I will destroy everything!"
Off the Wall
Off the Wall Icon.png
"Who IS that guy? Hit him in the head!" Rain of Terror
Rain of Terror Icon.png
"Shake off the umbrella."
Alien Abduction
Alien Abduction Icon.png
"Get the alien on the UFO before it misses its flight." Wrecking All
Wrecking All Icon.png
"Knock it off!"
Micro Golf
Micro Golf Icon.png
"Get the ball in the cup!" Nice Catch
Nice Catch Icon.png
"Don't be a basket case! Catch the balls!"
Opposites Attract
Opposites Attract Icon.png
"Use the magnet to bring the couple together. Watch out for Spot, though. He's a jealous one." Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Bolts Icon.png
"Spin the nut to release the bolt! Spin Spin Spin!"
Roughing It
Roughing It Icon.png
"The match got damp. But you've got to light your campfire!" Pumping Iron
Pumping Iron Icon.png
"You gotta want it! That macho man is inside of you. RELEASE HIM!"
Party Favor
Party Favor Icon.png
"Tip the toy to get the ball into tulip!" Paper Trail
Paper Trail Icon.png
"Use up all the toilet paper! What? Not environmentally friendly, you say? Sorry..."
Instant Replay
Instant Replay Icon.png
"Find the hidden secret in the video! Pause it where you find the secret." Cheeky Monkey
Cheeky Monkey Icon.png
"I'm not the expert on manners, but stuffing food in your mouth like that is gross. I'm gonna poke your cheeks until you spit it out!"
Shave the World
Shave the World Icon.png
"The Earth's looking a little fuzzy. Give it a shave and see what's underneath." Chain Letter
Chain Letter Icon.png
"Swap letters to create the right word.""
Dear John Letter
Dear John Letter Icon.png
"I've seen that guy before. Looks like he's getting dumped." Boss: Boing!
Boing! Icon.png
"Bounce the spring to break the vase."


"You gotta be fast in this stage! If the clock reaches zero, it's Game Over for you!" (Story description)
"There's a time limit here, so no goofing off! Wasting time get you nothing but a big, fat GAME OVER! Oh, and any game from the smorgasbord sampler is gonna wind up in here, just so you know." (Spindex description)


Before first "Speed Up" (6 in any order) After first "Speed Up" (6 in any order) After second "Speed Up" (6 in any order) Boss microgame
Wipeout! Rays the Devil Cutting It Close Boing!
Step On It Iron Stomach Kit-tease
Off the Wall Opposites Attract Instant Replay
Rain of Terror Nuts and Bolts Cheeky Monkey
Alien Abduction Roughing It Shave the World
Wrecking All Pumping Iron Chain Letter
Micro Golf Party Favor Dear John Letter
Nice Catch Paper Trail

Time Warp[edit]

These microgames are hosted by Orbulon, and are twice as long as other microgames. The intermission stage consists Orbulon attempting to type in a password to activate the space warp. The number of lives are indicated by hearts. The player's score is shown on the display screen on the top-left. If the player wins, a character is typed in (but resets whenever the speed increases). If the player loses, Orbulon fails to type in a character. When the player defeats the boss, the password is accepted. When the player loses all their lives, Orbulon receives a password error.

Microgame Icon Description Microgame Icon Description
Pipe Puzzle
Pipe Puzzle Icon.png
"Fit the pipe through the maze." Air Passage
Air Passage Icon.png
"Navigate the bubble through the path!"
Tapped Out
Tapped Out Icon.png
"Fill the cup up to here." Dire Plates
Dire Plates Icon.png
"Spin the plates 'round and 'round to unscramble the picture."
Deadly Ditty
Deadly Ditty Icon.png
"Gross! There are bugs under the keys! Squish them!" Alphabet Soup
Alphabet Soup Icon.png
"Complete the word by switching the letters around!"
Manual Labor
Manual Labor Icon.png
"Animals go on one side, people go on the other." Fine Tune
Fine Tune Icon.png
"This reception stinks! Move the antenna to listen to the music."
Green Thumb
Green Thumb Icon.png
"Aim the sun's rays on the plant to make it bloom." Wedgies!
Wedgies! Icon.png
"Make sure you cut the pieces even Steven."
Boomerang! Icon.png
"Swing the boomerang into the air and catch it!" Fill in the Blanks
Fill in the Blanks Icon.png
"Look at the picture at the bottom for a hint and complete the word!"
Peak Peek
Peak Peek Icon.png
"Is it cheating if I use a helicopter to get to the top?" Connect the Dots
Connect the Dots Icon.png
"Connect the dots! But be careful not to break your pencil lead."
Rocket Rotary
Rocket Rotary Icon.png
"Send the rocket ship down the right path by spinning the road." Sleight of Hand
Sleight of Hand Icon.png
"Spare some change?"
Guitar Solo
Guitar Solo Icon.png
"The neck is warped like 9-Volt's! Har har." Produce Pick
Produce Pick Icon.png
"I never forget a pepper. You?"
About Face
About Face Icon.png
"Get all the statues to face the same direction." Safecracker
Safecracker Icon.png
"You've got the combination, so watcha waiting for? Crack the safe!"
High Card Draw
High Card Draw Icon.png
"Choose the card with the highest value!" Toaster Jam
Toaster Jam Icon.png
"Fit the bread into the toaster! Once it's ready, catch it!""
Boss: Crossing Guard
Crossing Guard Icon.png
"Spin the wheel to raise and lower the bridges. Don't let any of the people fall!"


"My games allow twice the amount of time to complete!" (Story description)
"On my home planet, time moves at half the speed it does on Earth. That's why my games have twice the normal time limit. I'm told my games are more challenging, though, so I suppose it all works out." (Spindex description)


Before first "Speed Up" (4 in any order) After first "Speed Up" (5 in any order) After second "Speed Up" (5 in any order) Boss microgame
Pipe Puzzle Manual Labor Deadly Ditty Crossing Guard
Air Passage Fine Tune Rocket Rotary
Tapped Out Green Thumb Sleight of Hand
Dire Plates Wedgies! Produce Pick
Alphabet Soup Boomerang! About Face
Guitar Solo Fill in the Blanks Safecracker
High Card Draw Peak Peek Toaster Jam
Connect the Dots

Spintendo Classics[edit]

These microgames are found in 9-Volt and 18-Volt's stage, and are based on classic NES games. The intermission stage consists of a command center inside of a Nintendo Entertainment System (A Famicom on the Japanese version). The player's score is shown on the top right in the same font as the text for many NES games. The number of lives are indicated by pixelated Warios (Elf-like creatures on the Japanese version) working the computer. The D-Pad opens up to reveal the microgame. If the player wins, the Warios give a thumbs-up. If the player loses, one of the Warios leave.

Microgame Icon Description Microgame Icon Description
WWT Tennis Icon.png
"Just get to the ball." Metroid-Morph Ball
Metroid-Morph Ball Icon.png
"Roll around and get the missile!"
Super Mario Bros. 3-Lift
Super Mario Bros. 3-Lift Icon.png
"Don't get hit by flying enemies!" Wrecking Crew
WWT Wrecking Crew Icon.png
"Smash the stairs to keep Eggplant Man from attacking!"
WWT Pinball Icon.png
"Hey, Mario, don't drop the ball! Har har." Golf
WWT Golf Icon.png
"Get the ball on the green!"
Mario Brothers
WWT Mario Brothers Icon.png
"You gotta beat Mario and his skinny bro. Shake yourself upright so you can attack him." Excitebike
WWT Excitebike Icon.png
"Don't hit the sparks or it'll be game over!"
Clu Clu Land
WWT Clu Clu Land Icon.png
"Turn the round ground around and get the item!" Donkey Kong Jr.
WWT Donkey Kong Jr. Icon.png
"Climb the vines and save your dad!"
WWT Baseball Icon.png
"Throw a strike." Ice Climber
WWT Ice Climber Icon.png
"Swing your hammer right and left to pound the enemies."
Balloon Fight
WWT Balloon Fight Icon.png
"Your fighter needs a balloon!" Mach Rider
WWT Mach Rider Icon.png
"Good steering and aim will help you win the race."
Kid Icarus
WWT Kid Icarus Icon.png
"Fly, little angel! Avoid the enemy attack!" Duck Hunt
WWT Duck Hunt Icon.png
"Where's that stupid dog?"
The Legend of Zelda
WWT The Legend of Zelda Icon.png
"Defend yourself with your shield." Donkey Kong 3
WWT Donkey Kong 3 Icon.png
"Get Donkey Kong out of your garden! Spray him 'til his head hits the beehive."
NES Open Tournament Golf
WWT NES Open Tournament Golf Icon.png
"Prove that you're the master of the green!" Ice Hockey
WWT Ice Hockey Icon.png
"All's fair in love, war and ice hockey. Run the other team off the ice!"
Metroid-Samus Icon.png
"Use the arm cannon to shoot all the enemies." Super Mario Bros. 3
WWT Super Mario Bros. 3 Icon.png
"Choose the right Mario!"
Boss: Super Mario Bros.
WWT Super Mario Bros. Icon.png
"It's Super Mario: Twisted! But... this is MY game!"


"I've put a new twist on all the old-school NES games! Take 'em out for a spin!" (Story description)
"These are my favorite NES games with a new spin! You might think you know all these games by heart, but you're in for a surprise!" (Spindex description)


Before first "Speed Up" (4 in any order) After first "Speed Up" (4 in any order) After second "Speed Up" (6 in any order) Boss microgame
Tennis Golf Pinball Super Mario Bros.
Metroid-Morph Ball Excitebike Clu Clu Land
Super Mario Bros. 3-Lift Donkey Kong Jr. Mach Rider
Wrecking Crew Baseball The Legend of Zelda
Mario Brothers Ice Climber Donkey Kong 3
Balloon Fight Kid Icarus NES Open Tournament Golf
Duck Hunt Ice Hockey
Super Mario Bros. 3

Spandex Challenge[edit]

These microgames are found in Wario-Man's stage. Wario is present in all of them. The intermission stage consists of a TV broadcast of Wario Man. The number of lives are indicated by garlic. If the player wins, Wario Man laughs. If the player loses, he gets frustrated.

Microgame Icon Description Microgame Icon Description
Tiptoe Titan
Tiptoe Titan Icon.png
"I'll be a gentle giant. This time." Rain of Riches
Rain of Riches Icon.png
"Treasure falling from the sky?! Better grab it all!"
Power Line Pigeons
Power Line Pigeons Icon.png
"I don't think that's rain." Burying the Hatchet
Burying the Hatchet Icon.png
"I'm in such a good mood that I don't mind shaking Mario's hand!"
Crash Prize
Crash Prize Icon.png
"That's MY treasure in the cave!" Hot Rod
Hot Rod Icon.png
"Why waste money on matches when I can start fire by rubbing these pieces of wood together!"
Rock It!
Rock It! Icon.png
"Get outta this place before its blown to smithereens!" Ping-Pong Panic
Ping-Pong Panic Icon.png
"I'm the referee here! Return the balls!"
Catch of the Day
Catch of the Day Icon.png
"I got a bite! Now I gotta reel it in!" No-Zone
No-Zone Icon.png
"Danger! Watch out for falling arrows!"
Alignment Icon.png
"My back is killing me! Help me straighten it out!" Swamp Swing
Swamp Swing Icon.png
"Hey! I'm not dinner! Spin the screen so I don't get eaten!"
Drywall Dodge
Drywall Dodge Icon.png
"Oh no! The walls are falling apart! Don't let me get squished!" Super Wario
Super Wario Icon.png
"Finally! I get the respect I deserve!"
Cyclone Kick
Cyclone Kick Icon.png
"Check ME out! I'll knock 'em all down with my KICK OF DOOM!" Wario Weigh-In
Wario Weigh-In Icon.png
"I ate too much and I'm too fat! I gotta slim down! But not too skinny!"
Going Steady
Going Steady Icon.png
"Here's the secret of walking the tightrope: Stop when you start to lose your balance. Simple isn't it?" Inch, Worm!
Inch, Worm! Icon.png
"Wha--?! I have no legs! I gotta get to the prize!"
Soda Jerk
Soda Jerk Icon.png
"Shake it 'til it explodes!" Robotomy
Robotomy Icon.png
"Blast away the evil bots!"
Wee Wario Blast
Wee Wario Blast Icon.png
"Shoot us all to safety! We're all important!" Fragile!
Fragile! Icon.png
"Don't move a muscle!""
Strange Ritual
Strange Ritual Icon.png
"When in Rome..." Wario Hockey
Wario Hockey Icon.png
"You don't stand a chance playing against me!"
Wario and the Beanstalk
Wario and the Beanstalk Icon.png
"Save me from the building! Like all plants, the beanstalk grows in the direction of the sun." Stay in School
Stay in School Icon.png
"...And when I awoke, I was a fish! Don't leave me alone... I don't know my way around!"
High-Speed Chase
High-Speed Chase Icon.png
"These guys won't stop following me! Help me get away!" Volt Bolt
Volt Bolt Icon.png
"Gah! The lightning bolts are following me! I don't want to get shocked!"
Boss: Wario Mambo
Wario Mambo Icon.png
"I'm a dancing machine!"


"These games are even more super than my last!" (Story description)
"Does this suit make me look fat? Tell me the truth. I can take it." (Spindex description)


Before first "Speed Up" (6 in any order) After first "Speed Up" (6 in any order) After second "Speed Up" (8 in any order) Boss microgame
Tiptoe Titan No-Zone Inch, Worm! Wario Mambo
Rain of Riches Alignment Soda Jerk
Power Line Pigeons Swamp Swing Robotomy
Burying the Hatchet Drywall Dodge Wee Wario Blast
Crash Prize Super Wario Fragile!
Hot Rod Cyclone Kick Strange Ritual
Rock It! Wario Weigh-In Wario Hockey
Ping-Pong Panic Going Steady Wario and the Beanstalk
Catch of the Day Stay in School
High-Speed Chase
Volt Bolt

Frantic Fronk[edit]

These microgames are shorter than any other microgame, and involve Fronks. They appear randomly in the stages of Jimmy T., Jimmy's parents, Dr. Crygor, Orbulon and Wario-Man.

Microgame Icon Description Microgame Icon Description
What's the Point?
What's the Point Icon.png
"Choose quickly!" Oopsy-Daisy
Oopsy-Daisy Icon.png
"Catch the falling Fronk!"
Hop to the Top
Hop to the Top Icon.png
"Jump, Fronk!" Rock and a Hot Place
Rock and a Hot Place Icon.png
"Fronk's in a sticky situation. Again. Save him fast!"
Dirty Darts
Dirty Darts Icon.png
"It's easy to score when you get to move the target!" Snake Snarl
Snake Snarl Icon.png
"What a tangled mess."
Feed on Fronk
Feed on Fronk Icon.png
"Lunchtime for dolphin. How about a heaping portion of Fronk?" Peak-a-boo-boo
Peak-a-boo-boo Icon.png
"It'll hurt less if you rip the bandage off fast."
Fronk Fishing
Fronk Fishing Icon.png
"Fronk is a natural swimmer."


"Who, me? Oh, I'm Fronk. Not like you really care or anything. My games are really, really fast. I'm just warning you now, because if you don't think quickly, you're just doomed. Doomed doomed doomed." (Spindex description)