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"Speed Up" redirects here. For information about the status boost in the Mario & Luigi series, see SPD-Up.
Jimmy T.'s "Faster!" prompt in the English version of WarioWare: Twisted!

Speed Up! (Faster! in the English versions of WarioWare: Twisted! and WarioWare: Smooth Moves) is a recurring event in the WarioWare series. Every time this prompt is shown, the game increases in speed, giving the player less time to react in the microgames. Generally, two "Speed Up!"s occur at certain intervals during a level; after that, a "Boss Stage" prompt introducing a boss microgame appears, and the speed resets to its original speed at the beginning of the cycle. If the player is replaying the level, a "Level Up" prompt appears after the boss microgame, which increases the game's difficulty, and the cycle repeats. After two "Level Up"s, the "Level Up"s are replaced by "Speed Up!"s, increasing the game's speed gradually until the player loses all of their lives.

Text designs[edit]

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WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$![edit]

WarioWare: Twisted![edit]

  • Wario: Multicolored text
  • Mona: Gold colored text that shakes
  • Dribble and Spitz: Spiky, tangerine text
  • Dr. Crygor: Orange text with two exclamation points
  • Orbulon: Text shown on the password screen
  • 9-Volt: Blue text shown on the monitor
  • Wario-Man: Large orange text

WarioWare: Touched![edit]

  • Wario: Yellow with blue text with blue shadow
  • Mona: Orange text
  • Jimmy T.: Black text with colorful outlines
  • Dr. Crygor: Blue and yellow text with screws
  • Mike: Yellow text with music notes
  • 9-Volt: Retro text

WarioWare: Smooth Moves[edit]

  • Young Cricket: Chinese-styled text appears on-screen.
  • Penny: Text is displayed on the monitor.

WarioWare: D.I.Y. / WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase[edit]

  • Mona: Blue ancient text
  • Jimmy T.: The "S", "d", and "U" are blue while the "p"s and "e"s are purple. The d is also shaped like a music note.
  • Ashley: 3 white dogs run across screen, and then the words Speed Up are written in white bones with a blue outline.
  • Orbulon: The text is metallic with the second e being teal colored. There are also 3 blue stars surrounding the text, and the rocket emits yellow fire instead of smoke.
  • 9-Volt: Red text that gets pushed like a button.
  • Wario-Man: Blue and red text while Wario-Man is running
  • Dribble and Spitz: Red text with a checkered flag above it. Dribble and spitz approach the screen for a few seconds.
  • Kat and Ana: The text is the same font and color as the numbers are, and it hops up and down a few times.
  • 18-Volt: Small blue retro text

WarioWare Gold[edit]

WarioWare: Get It Together![edit]

  • Wario: Red futuristic text
  • Mona: Green text with dust and broom
  • Dribble and Spitz: White neon futuristic text on a left-pointing arrow sign
  • Dr. Crygor: Pink metallic text
  • 9-Volt: A blue video game text box reading "SPEED UP"
  • Kat and Ana: Japanese-like text with orange border
  • Jimmy T.: The dancers twirl while 80s-style text appears.
  • Ashley: Text written in ketchup
  • Orbulon: The globe spins quickly while cyan text with rectangles moving on the left appears.
  • Remix: Teal text on blue minecarts
  • Remix 2.0: Red text on cyan minecarts
  • Wario Bug: Green slimy text with bugs
  • Penny: Yellow metallic text with a heart and a screw