Dirty Job

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Dirty Job
Title screen for Dirty Job
Appears in WarioWare: Move It!
Type Minigame
Info "I'm Mona! My gig today is cleaning dirty kitchenware. Good thing I've got my Mona Soaker to keep them sparkling! This can be a two-worker job if you want. When 5-Volt and I team up, the work goes even faster!"
Controls Joy-Con – Aim
Joy-Con (L)SL Button – Shoot left gun
Joy-Con (R)SR Button – Shoot right gun
L Button/ZL Button + R Button/ZR Button – Reset alignment
Form(s) "Scales"

Dirty Job is a minigame in WarioWare: Move It!. It is an expanded version of the microgame Shower Defense, and is unlocked by clearing Thrill Ride with at least 10 points.


Dirty Job is a vertically-scrolling shoot-'em-up minigame. The player controls Mona, who wields two water guns named Mona Soakers. The player can aim the guns by moving their arms, and fire water bullets by pressing SL Button on Joy-Con (L) and SR Button on Joy-Con (R); holding the buttons makes the guns constantly shoot in rapid-fire. Aiming both guns in the same direction without firing causes the guns to charge up. When a water ball is formed, the player can press either button to fire a Water Wipe, shooting a large ball of water that pierces through everything in its path. The player can reset the guns' alignment by assuming the Scales form and pressing L Button/ZL Button and R Button/ZR Button at the same time.

The minigame takes place over five stages, titled as shifts. On each shift, the player must clean as many dirty kitchen utensils and dishes as possible by shooting at them with water. If the player is hit by a piece of dirty kitchenware, they are downed and must be revived by a soap bottle. The player has two soap bottles in stock, and can replenish bottles once per shift by shooting at a stray bottle. The player faces a boss at the end of each shift, and must defeat it by depleting its health bar within the time limit. The game is over if the player is downed and has no remaining soap bottles, or if time runs out before a boss is defeated.

In multiplayer, both players are side by side with player 2 controlling 5-Volt. The players have three soap bottles, and the enemy patterns are different. The players can charge up a Super Water Wipe by holding Mona's right gun and 5-Volt's left gun horizontal to face each other. The Super Water Wipe is shot by firing either one of the two pointing guns, and fires a larger water ball forward from the middle of the two players.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウォッシューティング
Pun on 「ウォッシング」(u~osshingu, "washing") and「シューティング」(shūtingu, "shooting")