Perspiration Peak Volcano

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The Woods Watchers chasing Wario
Wario being chased by the Woods Watchers, with Perspiration Peak Volcano in the distance

Perspiration Peak Volcano is a volcano located on Caresaway Island in WarioWare: Move It!. Long before the events of the game, the deity of Caresaway Island gave the people living there Form Stones, which they used to stop the volcano's eruption. In the first stage of the game, Wario lands in front of a shrine by Perspiration Peak Volcano, leading to him being chased away by the Woods Watchers. In the last stage of the game, Wario returns to the shrine to steal the treasures there, only for him to merge with the volcano, becoming Volcano Wario. To calm the volcano once again, the people of Caresaway Island, including Wario's employees, must dance with the Form Stones. After Wario is flung out of the volcano, Perspiration Peak Volcano retains his face.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アッセバーム火山かざん
Assebāmu Kazan
Pun on「あせばむ」(asebamu, "to be sweaty") + "Volcano"

Chinese (simplified) 曼伸达汉火山
Mànshēndáhàn Huǒshān

Chinese (traditional) 曼伸達漢火山
Mànshēndáhàn Huǒshān

Dutch Zweettopvulkaan
Sweat Top Volcano
French Volcan Sukomunpor
"Volcano" + pun on sue comme un porc ("sweating like a pig")
German Monte Miftia
Italian Monte Effluvio
Korean 후끈후끈 화산
Hukkeun-hukkeun Hwasan
Burning Volcano

Spanish (NOA) Monte Sudamucho
Mount Sweat-a-lot
Spanish (NOE) Monte Vefluvio