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This article is about the character from Mobile Golf. For the character from the WarioWare series, see Ken the Reporter. For the fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, see List of fighters debuting in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate § Ken.
Ken's artwork for Mobile Golf
Species Human
First appearance Mobile Golf (2001)

Ken is a young male golfer in Mobile Golf for the Game Boy Color. Along with Napple, Thread, and Lisa, he is one of the four beginning human golfers the player can pick at the start of the game, similar to the fashion of Mario Golf. He is featured prominently on the game's cover. His Mario Golf counterpart is Kid.


  • Drive: 202 yards
  • Height: Low
  • Shot: Draws slightly
  • Control: Good
  • Meet Area: Large


  • Camelot website: 将来はプロゴルファーを目指しているとても元気な小学生!でも、ゴルフの腕前はとても小学生とは思えないほどの実力の持ち主なんだ。[1] (A very energetic elementary school student who aspires to become a professional golfer in the future! However, his golf skills are so good that it is hard to believe he is an elementary school student.)
  • Nintendo website: プロゴルファーを目指す、元気な小学生です。ゴルフのレッスンを受けているので、腕前は一人前です。[2] (A cheerful elementary school student who aspires to become a professional golfer. He's taking golf lessons and is very good at it.)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケン