Park Street Residents

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The residents glaring coldly at Young Cricket for running along their heads, giving every one of them a boil

The Park Street Residents are the inhabitants of Park Street, appearing along with their respective location as characters in WarioWare: Smooth Moves during both the opening and closing cutscene of Young Cricket & Master Mantis's story. In both circumstances, they appear as grey, generic figures, both while standing in the crowd around the stand and in line. However, their eyes appear whenever Young Cricket darts along their heads, as their eyes become yellow slits and their mouths revealed when Cricket turns around after placing his order.

During the events of this story, the character duo are strolling down the street when they notice Mona's food station nearby, selling items such as dumplings to the delight of the numerous residents gathered around their stand. Cricket agrees to retrieve a dumpling for each of them, and to do so, runs along the heads of most of the residents, now gathered in a long, perfectly straight line. He reaches the front of the line and places his order, only to discover the icy glares of everyone he dashes along in line. He apologizes and runs back to Master Mantis to wait in line, though runs along their heads once more to do so.

The residents are listed as "Park Street Residents" in the credits, between the Dancing Monkeys and Legendary Cat Dancers.