Volcano Wario

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Volcano Wario
Volcano Wario erupts in WarioWare: Move It!
Volcano Wario erupting in WarioWare: Move It!
Applies to Wario
Item needed Perspiration Peak Volcano
First appearance WarioWare: Move It! (2023)

Volcano Wario is a form that Wario takes in WarioWare: Move It! as the result of merging with the Perspiration Peak Volcano.

During Wario's second story, he enters the shrine of Perspiration Peak Volcano in search of treasure. He grabs a large, golden statue of the Form Stone God, which causes a lava hand to appear out of the opening, grab Wario, and drag him inside. After this, Wario merges with the Perspiration Peak Volcano, causing the volcano to gain a face that resembles Wario. It then starts to erupt, endangering everyone on Caresaway Island. The elder of the Woods Watchers instructs everyone to dance in order to calm the volcano down.

Within the stage, Volcano Wario slumps over in defeat if the player succeeds in a microgame, but growls if the player loses a microgame. If the player loses four lives, it will erupt, causing a Game Over. Occasionally, Volcano Wario fires a ball of magma, requiring the player to dance with the Joy-Cons in order to create a shield that deflects it.

Eventually, everyone succeeds in causing the volcano to stop erupting. After it is calmed, it spits Wario out, causing him to land back in the shrine. Despite this, his face remains on the volcano even after the events of the story.