Three's a Crowd

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Three's a Crowd
Three's a Crowd in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.
Appears in WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Type Tiny Wario
Command Grab your weapon!
Info "‘That’s low of you to strike while Samurai Wario is sleeping! Little do you know that I sleep with one eye open! Bwahaha!!!’"
Form(s) "The Discard"
Music Anytime

Three's a Crowd is one of Tiny Wario's Microgames in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. Its name comes from the phrase "two's company, three's a crowd."


The objective is to have Wario wait for the ninja to come, and then jolt up the Wii Remote to slash him.

  • 1st level difficulty: The ninja will drop in. When he is slashed, his suit will fall off, revealing heart-print boxers.
  • 2nd level difficulty: The ninja fakes then drops in. When the ninja is slashed, he will have white briefs.
  • 3rd level difficulty: A servant may appear to distract the player, or the servant may be the ninja in disguise. When the ninja is slashed, he will have pink briefs.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いかなるときも
Ikanaru toki mo
At any time


The microgame in the Korean version.
  • In the Korean version of the game, due to cultural differences, some aspects have changed. Wario retains his normal outfit, the ninja is replaced by a monkey and the background has changed to a jungle. Wario must wait for the incoming monkey and whack it before it gets all the banana bunches.