Finishing Move (microgame)

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Finishing Move
Finishing Move in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.
Appears in WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Type Orbulon
Command Copy!
Info "Using the power of the Form Baton and the Balance Stone, this man makes dreams come true. Next, pro soccer player!"
Form(s) "The Diner A"
Music track Rescue Rover

Finishing Move is one of Orbulon's Microgames in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.


The player must copy the man's movements with the controllers.

  • 1st level difficulty: The controllers must be crossed, creating an X.
  • 2nd level difficulty: Either the Wii Remote or Nunchuk position must be changed, depending on the player's dominant hand.
  • 3rd level difficulty: Both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk positions must be changed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きめしせいのたつじん
Kime Shisei no Tatsujin
Master of the Decisive Pose