Toy Handout

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Toy Handout
Toy Handout
Appears in WarioWare: Move It!
Type Orbulon
Command(s) Sort!
Info "Take parts from the conveyor belt, and pass them to the kids in need. If something seems useless, let it pass on by."
Controls Joy-Con
Form(s) "Gift Giver"

Toy Handout is one of Orbulon's microgames in WarioWare: Move It! This microgame shares its music with Insecticide.


The player stands at the end of a conveyor belt that carries different toy parts towards them, and must assemble toys for a boy and a girl according to what they request by using the Joy-Con, which represent hands, to pick up and hand the correct toy parts to them. Any unnecessary parts should be left alone as they drop into the box below. If the player assembles the children's toys, they will raise them up and cheer. If they assemble one incorrectly or one of the desired toy parts drops into the box, the children look disappointed.

  • Level 1: The factory wall is cyan with cloud patterns and the player must give one part of a yellow bulldozer to the boy and two parts of a green robot to the girl.
  • Level 2: The factory wall is orange with sun patterns and the player must give two parts of a blue water gun to the boy and two parts of a pink cake to the girl.
  • Level 3: The factory wall is purple with star patterns and the player must give two pieces of a red robot to the boy and three pieces of a blue water gun to the girl. There is also an unnecessary bulldozer part.