Broom Ride

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Broom Ride
Broom Ride
Appears in WarioWare: Move It!
Type Ashley & Red
Command(s) Fly!
Info "We're flying on broomsticks tonight. Steer the broom so you don't crash."
Controls Joy-Con
Form(s) "Tug-of-War"

Broom Ride is one of Ashley and Red's microgames in WarioWare: Move It!.


The player controls a witch who must keep flying without hitting any obstacles. If the player survives, the trees smile and the witch flies off.

  • Level 1: There are trees that the player must avoid by moving left or right.
  • Level 2: The trees form a wall in which the player must fly over or under.
  • Level 3: There is a spider web in which the player must fly through one of the gaps by moving diagonally.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese そらとぶほうき
Soratobu Hōki
Flying broom

Korean 하늘을 나는 빗자루
Haneureul Naneun Bitjaru
Sky-flying broom

Spanish (NOA) Vuelo en escoba
Flight on a broom