Plugging the Leaks

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Plugging the Leaks
Plugging the Leaks
Appears in WarioWare: Move It!
Type Dribble & Spitz
Command(s) Plug leaks!
Info "Water is gushing from the Form Stones. Try to plug up the leaks with your fingers!"
Controls A Button/B Button/X Button/Y Button/Up Button/Down Button/Left Button/Right Button/SL Button/SR Button– Plug leaks
Form(s) Pounce, Button Sign

Plugging the Leaks is one of Dribble & Spitz's microgames in WarioWare: Move It!


The object of the game is to plug the leaks in the piping. The pipes are shaped like Joy-Con controllers, and the player must press and hold the buttons that correspond to the leaking holes until all leaks are plugged. In multiplayer, there are two pairs of pipes corresponding to both players' controllers, and both players must each plug the same amount of leaks.

  • Level 1: The player(s) must plug three holes. If successful, the water fills an inflatable pool via a tap with a child next to it and a toy duck swimming around.
  • Level 2: The player(s) must plug four holes, one of which comes loose after a while. If successful, the water fills a swimming pool via a slide with a child splashing happily in it.
  • Level 3: The player(s) must plug five holes, two of which come loose after a while. If successful, the water fills a lake via a pipe with a man riding a jet-ski on it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みずもれ
Water leak