Batter Up (WarioWare: Move It!)

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Batter Up
Batter Up
Appears in WarioWare: Move It!
Type Mona
Command(s) Hit! (Level 1)
Hit two! (Level 2)
Hit both! (Level 3)
Pitch! (2 players)
Keep hitting! (Megagame Muscles)
Info "Time for batting practice! Keep an eye on the ball, and swing at the right moment." (1 player)
"Play ball together! The pitcher should act as if they're throwing underhand. The hitter should keep an eye on the ball and swing at the right moment. Match your timing to knock it out of the park!" (2 players)
Controls Joy-Con
Form(s) "Knight" (1 player)
"Choo Choo" (2 players)

Batter Up is one of Mona's microgames in WarioWare: Move It!


The player controls a batter in a field, and the object of the microgame is to hit the baseballs or other objects thrown by the pitcher by swinging the Joy-Con like a baseball bat. If enough balls are hit, both the pitcher and batter celebrate.

  • Level 1: The game takes place in a field with trees. The pitcher tosses baseballs continuously, and the player must hit one.
  • Level 2: The game takes place in a field with houses. The pitcher tosses non-standard balls continuously, and the player must hit two. The balls can be chestnuts, which fly lower than standard balls; watermelons, which fly lower than chestnuts and travel faster; balloons, which fly high and travel slower than standard balls; or oranges, which travel high and fast. A scorecard above the batter keeps track of the remaining balls to hit with baseball icons, which change to flowers as the balls are hit.
  • Level 3: The game takes place on a baseball field, and the pitcher tosses only two different non-standard balls, both of which must be hit. Upon completion, the batter dances around in a circle.

In multiplayer, the first player wears blue clothing while the second player wears red clothing. One player plays as the batter while the other plays as the pitcher, using the "Choo Choo" form. The pitcher must pick up and throw objects using their dominant hand in Levels 1 and 2.

In a megagame version of this microgame in Megagame Muscles, Level 1's visuals are used and the microgame doesn't end after hitting a ball. Thus, the command is changed to "Keep hitting!" and 67 muscle is gained for successfully hitting each ball. Up to nine balls can be hit during the megagame, yielding a maximum of 603 muscle.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French À la batte At the bat