Poison Apple

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Poison Apple
Dr. Crygor, Penny and Mike's boss microgame, "Poison Apple" in WarioWare: Move It!
Appears in WarioWare: Move It!
Type Crygor, Penny & Mike
Command(s) Pass it out!
Info "Bad news! This princess has eaten a poison apple. Tilt your body right and left to get the apple out as soon as possible!"
Controls Joy-Con
Form(s) "Big Cheese"

Poison Apple is Dr. Crygor, Penny, and Mike's boss microgame in WarioWare: Move It! It is based on the poisoned apple from the fairy tale Snow White.


The microgame starts with a scene showing a witch giving a princess an apple, who notices that it is poisoned after she eats it. The player must tilt their body to move the apple through three sections of the digestive system until it is passed out. If successful, the princess celebrates and seven dwarves cheer behind her. If the apple touches a spike or stomach acid, or is not passed out in 99.99 seconds (at normal speed), the princess falls asleep while the dwarves look at her in horror, and the game is lost. The background changes color based on how much time is left.

  • Level 1: The maze is simple. The first section contains a pit of stomach acid. The second section contains some spikes and a spring. The third section contains a pit of stomach acid that drips from below.
  • Level 2: The maze is more complex. The first section contains some spikes. The second section contains two pits of stomach acid that drip. The third section contains a spring and a set of moving platforms above two pits of stomach acid.
  • Level 3: The maze is very complex. The first section contains a split path, one of which has slowly retracting spikes and both of which have pits of stomach acid that drip. The second section contains three sets of paths with slowly retracting spikes. The third section contains two sets of moving platforms surrounded by spikes.

In multiplayer, the first player controls a princess with a heart tiara, while the second player controls a princess wearing a star tiara. Both players must pass the apple out to win. If one player fails, the other player's side of the screen fades to black. The second section of Level 3 is also slightly easier, with its second path having no spikes.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese どくリンゴ
Doku Ringo
Poison apple