Helping Hands

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Not to be confused with Helping Hand, a microgame in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.
Helping Hands
Helping Hands
Appears in WarioWare: Move It!
Type Mona
Command(s) Take both hands!
Info "Grab our hands so we can pull you up! Hold on tight with both hands, and don't touch the other stuff!"
Controls Joy-Con
Form(s) "Sky Stretch"

Helping Hands is one of Mona's microgames in WarioWare: Move It! This microgame shares its music with Spear Me.


The object is to grab one of the men's hands with each arm in order to escape from a fall. The men's hands can only be grabbed when open and within reach. There is also a hazard that may be lowered down, causing a loss if grabbed.

  • Level 1: A young kid is in need of help. The men's hands move slowly when open and fast when closed. A snake is sometimes lowered. When the boy is helped up, he cheers.
  • Level 2: A mermaid is in need of help. The men's hands move at random speeds regardless of whether their hands are open or closed. A thorny vine is lowered more often. When the mermaid is helped up, she becomes lovestruck.
  • Level 3: A businessman, Fronk, a dog, a sumo wrestler, a man, and a businesswoman all holding onto each other are in need of help. The location is set in a skyscraper at night. The men's hands move at faster speeds and are closed more often. Up to two sticks with pieces of pink poop are lowered often. When the characters are helped up, they cheer.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Mains salvatrices Life-saving hands