Puppet Patter

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Puppet Patter
Puppet Patter from WarioWare: Move It!
Appears in WarioWare: Move It!
Type Volcano Wario
Command(s) Flap your jaws!
Info "Line up for the Wario Theater Puppet Show! Use your right hand to work my mouth! You weren't really expecting me to learn my lines, were ya?"
Controls Joy-Con, IR Camera
Form(s) "Hand Model"

Puppet Patter is one of Volcano Wario's microgames in WarioWare: Move It!


The microgame features a Wario puppet that must speak dialogue. The player must open and close their hand to move the mouth of the Wario puppet for it to speak its dialogue, similar to a ventriloquist dummy. Once enough dialogue is spoken, a spotlight shines on the puppet, the audience laughs and the microgame is complete.

  • Level 1: In a green-colored theater, the Wario puppet must speak a small amount of dialogue in 4 flaps. The lines are "As a puppet, I got no stomach. But I still get HUNGRY!", "No matter where I go, I get recognized. No autographs!", "I got my own company! I'm the president, so don't forget it!", and "*clack* *clack* My jaw's loose! Don't stand there gaping! Fix it!"
  • Level 2: In an orange-colored theater, the Wario puppet has sunglasses and a hair curl and must speak a medium amount of dialogue in 5 flaps. The lines are "I don't lift a finger without a bribe. Gimme 100 garlic cloves and we'll talk.", "Why'd I pick for vacation? Huh. No idea. If you find out, let me know!", and "Where is it? WHERE?! You're gonna be sorry if I don't find the toilet..."
  • Level 3: In a purple-colored theater, the Wario puppet has a beard and staff and must speak a large amount of dialogue in 6 flaps. The lines are "OK, listen... Hear me out... This is serious... You sitting down? Here goes... I forgot.", "Don't you think I smell nice? Here's the trick. It's only been one week since my last bath.", and "Check it out! My back's still in great shape! What's that? I don't HAVE A BACK?!"