Wario Bug

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Wario Bug
Wario Bug
First appearance WarioWare: Get It Together! (2021)
Portrayed by Charles Martinet

The Wario Bug is a character who appears in WarioWare: Get It Together! He is the boss of the level Anything Goes. The Wario Bug is actually an alternate form of the Mega Bug. His appearance is akin to Wario's head surrounded (albeit purple with red eyes) wearing a crown and surrounded by two disembodied hands that allow him to attack.

In the intro cutscene to Anything Goes, Wario is surrounded and infected by game bugs as he falls down a bottomless pit, turning him into the Wario Bug. He spews out game bugs from his crown, turning his skin purple. He then transforms into a form consisting of a giant head and disembodied hands. Between microgames, the Wario Bug may attempt to crush the player's character with his hands or spawn flying nose-like bombs from his mouth. If he hits the player with his fist or the player is caught in a nose bomb's explosion, they lose a life. To defeat him, the player must complete Potty Pursuit, then plug his giant nose. After the crew jump out of the stage, the Wario on the screen to Anything Goes gets replaced by the Wario Bug. On repeat playthroughs of Anything Goes, the Wario Bug turns blue after playing Potty Pursuit once and turns green after playing it twice.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Wariobug -


  • If two players beat Potty Pursuit, they both must plug a single nostril of Wario Bug's nose. However, if the game is beaten in single player, a cork, watermelon, or globe will bounce from offscreen and plug the left nostril, leaving the player to plug the right one.