Friendless Battle

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Friendless Battle
The title screen to Friendless Battle
Type Variety Pack
Info "Here you must plow through endless waves of enemies. Keep your guard up and stay nimble. See if you can take out 999 baddies. I believe in you, player."
"The attacks are endless in this game! Challenge yourself to defeat as many enemies as you can before your HP reaches 0. Then it's game over!"
Defeat the Boss
*Keep fighting back enemies, and soon you'll find yourself face-to-face with a boss.
*They're tougher than the other guys, but if you can defeat a boss, you recover some HP.
Lets see how far you get."
Controls WarioWare: Get It Together!
Each character controls the same way as they do in the microgames.

Friendless Battle is a single player minigame found in the Completionist section of the Variety Pack in WarioWare: Get It Together!. The object of this minigame is to defeat as many cloned versions of the crew members as possible before the player's HP runs out. The player may select any crew member to use for the round including Spitz and Ana, who are normally reserved for Player 2. Between one to four enemies who can be defeated in a single hit spawn at a time with a maximum of four enemies appearing on screen at once. After thirteen to fourteen enemies are defeated, one to two bosses appear which stand out compared to regular enemies by featuring a different color scheme and significantly more HP. The player must repeatedly attack the boss until their HP bar is completely empty, which reward them with their own HP bar refilling by a small amount. Every hundredth opponent is another boss who is a clone of whichever character the player is controlling (with the exceptions of Dribble, Spitz, Kat, and Ana) who uses a different color scheme compared to both regular enemies and bosses. If the player is using either of the aforementioned characters, the boss they face are their counterpart.

Either type of boss may spawn with a protective red shield which must be broken by repeated attacks before they can start to lose HP.

When the round begins, the stage initially contains three rings at the top of the screen. Two are in the top-left and top-right corners that only move towards the center if either player or CPU controlled 9-Volt, 18-Volt or Pyoro grab onto them. The third ring is in the top center that continously moves back and forth in between where the other two rings' paths stop at. After the first boss is defeated, a giant Wario face and his hands appear with the latter utilized as a solid platform for everyone to use. As the round progresses, the hands change positions and movement patterns that can push anyone around.


Category Name Goal Coin prize
General Friendless Battle Player Play Friendless Battle in Variety Pack until you Game Over. 100
Score Expert of Friendless Battle Defeat at least 200 enemies in Friendless Battle from Variety Pack. 1500
Score Master of Friendless Battle Defeat at least 500 enemies in Friendless Battle from Variety Pack. 2000
Score In the Zone Play Friendless Battle from Variety Pack. Take no damage until you defeat 60 enemies. 1000
Game Not Cleared for Landing Play Friendless Battle from Variety Pack using Lulu. Once you're in the air, don't touch the ground until you defeat 15 enemies. 1000


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エンエンエンドレスファイト!
En'en'endoresu Faito!
En-En-Endless Fight!
Dutch Oneindig Gevecht Infinite Battle
French Conflit Infini Infinite Conflict
German Einzelkrampf
Italian Battaglia infinita Endless Battle
Russian Нешуточная потасовка
Neshutochnaya potasovka
Serious Brawl
Spanish Batalla infinita Infinite Battle