Goro Desert

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Goro Desert
Goro Desert
First appearance WarioWare: Get It Together! (2021)

Goro Desert is a minor location in WarioWare: Get It Together!. It is a desert with pyramids, dunes, and cat statues. In the intro to Orbulon's stage, he warps to the desert on his Oinker. He hovers over a spot behind a sand dune and abducts a stone beetle tablet, a vase, a cat statue, and a sarcophagus. After taking them all, he warps away. The Goro Desert may be named after Goro Abe, the director of the WarioWare series.

Mash League Arena background from WarioWare Gold
The Mash League Arena in WarioWare Gold

A similar Egyptian-themed area featuring pyramids and the same cat statues appears as the background art for the Mash League Arena in WarioWare Gold.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴロさばく
Goro Sabaku
Goro Desert

Italian Deserto Goro
Goro Desert