Puck 'er Up

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The title screen to Puck 'er Up
Puck 'er Up title screen

Puck 'er Up is a multiplayer mode found in the Variety Pack of WarioWare: Get It Together! It involves players trying to score a point by moving a puck to a goal. Once the puck entered the goal, the player who scored the point has to play a microgame to score a star.

The mode's title comes from "pucker up", meaning to contract one's lips as in preparation for a kiss.


Before each round, players will get a random crew member from of those already unlocked (Ana and Spitz will not be selected). Then, a non-boss microgame is shown then put inside a puck. The goal is to score a goal by moving a puck into the goals. If a player touches the puck, it will change color, and only the player who touched the puck last before the goal was scored will play the microgame shown before the start of the round. While the microgame is played (the timer is shown at the bottom of the screen so they know how much time they have left), the other players have to disturb the player inside the microgame, chosen at random between five possible ways:

  • The microgame hangs on a rope, or is held in place by two ropes.
  • The microgame takes place inside a ball that can be freely moved around.
  • The microgame takes place inside a pump that can be flattened.
  • The microgame's screen can be shattered.
  • The microgame's screen cannot be damaged, but the other players are equipped with leaves to cover it.

If the player inside the microgame succeeds, they will receive a number of ★ equaling to the number of opponents they were against. If they fail, the other players will receive one ★ each. A strategy for players is if they are bad at a microgame, or they believe is too hard for them to do, they should not score the goal to play it. Additionally, the more ★ they have, the higher the difficulty level of the microgame.

  • With two players, each round has one ★. The first player to get five ★ wins.
  • With three players, each round has two ★. The first player to get ten ★ wins.
  • With four players, each round has three ★. The first player to get ten ★ wins.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲームパック パニック
Gēmu Pakku Panikku
Game Puck Panic

Italian Disco panico
Disco panic
Korean 게임 팩 패닉
Geim Paek Paenik
Game Pack Panic

Spanish Goles y troles
Goals and trolls