Club Goers

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Club Goers
The Club Goers cheering
First appearance WarioWare: Get It Together! (2021)

The Club Goers are minor characters that appear in WarioWare: Get It Together!. They only appear once in the game, in the introductory cutscene to Jimmy T's level, Sports.

The intro to Sports starts with Jimmy T leading Joe, Lulu, Young Cricket, and Master Mantis in an aerobics performance in front of the Club Goers at Feelin' Groovy Fitness. Joe starts off leading the group, but the Club Goers, unimpressed by his performance, loudly express their disapproval. However, when Jimmy T takes the stage, he transforms, now wearing a leotard and having golden hair. When he begins to lead the group, the Club Goers enjoy his performance, loudly cheering for him.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Membri del club Club members