Epic Augmented Reality Game

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The Epic Augmented Reality Game
9-Volt holding the Epic Augmented Reality Game
The Boss Stage of Nintendo Classics, featuring a Wii Remote sword, Nintendo 64 controller crown, Game Boy shield, and Family Computer controller eyes
The boss of the Epic Augmented Reality Game

The Epic Augmented Reality Game is a fictional video game in WarioWare: Get It Together! It appears in the introductory cutscene to 9-Volt's level, Nintendo Classics, where it is first shown when 9-Volt is in bed for the night, and he proudly shows the game to his friend Fronk. 5-Volt then checks on 9-Volt, who hides the game under his covers. 5-Volt does not notice and leaves the room, giving 9-Volt a chance to play his new game, beginning the level. During the game, 9-Volt encounters enemies, which trigger a microgame, and a boss, which triggers the boss stage.

If the player wins a microgame, the monster that is shown will collapse. If the player fails, the monster will strike, deducting a health point (this stage's stand-in for the player's lives).