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Ruffington Wario Kard sprite for WarioWare Gold
Species Dog
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
Latest appearance WarioWare: Get It Together! (2021)

Ruffington is a dog that appears in WarioWare Gold. He lives in Crystal Park, where he has animal friends. He often appears alongside Lulu.


In her second cutscene, Lulu is seen sitting on a bench in Crystal Park eating a large amount of food, preparing for her face-off. Ruffington appears and looks at her. Lulu asks if he is hungry, to which Ruffington responds by barking. He then sits on the bench with her, and Lulu says that he is a good boy. Lulu and Ruffington are later seen sleeping on the bench together.

In her third and final cutscene, Lulu and Ruffington are shown still asleep on the bench. Lulu wakes up, and, upon discovering what time it is, runs away, then runs back to thank Ruffington for cuddling with her. Ruffington then barks.

In the game’s epilogue clip, Ruffington is seen floating toward Luxeville with Lulu, who is returning the Pot of Luxeville. He barks during the descent, and appears alongside Lulu when she faints.

In WarioWare: Get It Together!, Ruffington makes a small appearance. He gets abducted alongside Ms. Munchly by Orbulon. He also appears in two of the pictures in Lulu's gallery.


WarioWare Gold character cards[edit]

  • Rank CThis too-cute dog makes his home at Crystal Park. The poor thing got separated from his friends.
  • Rank BRuffington has plenty of company with other animals at Crystal Park. Surprisingly rare ones too!
  • Rank AHis favorite place in Diamond City is a bench by a clock. Ruffington won't just let anyone sit there with him.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンのすけ
From「ワンワン」(wan-wan, onomatopoeia for dog's barking) and「之助」(-nosuke, Japanese male names ending)
Chinese 小汪
Xiǎo Wāng
Small Woof
French Ouafifi From "ouaf" (woof) and the French male given name "Fifi"
German Wuffelchen From "wuff" (woof) and the diminutive suffix "-chen"
Italian Bricio Possibly from "briciola" (bread crumb)
Korean 멍돌이
From "멍멍" (meong-meong, Korean onomatopoeia for dog barking) and "~돌이" (-dol'i, a suffix used to denote "guy" friendly)
Russian Рафингтон
Spanish (NOA) Rufo Masculine form of the English onomatopoeia "ruff" (arf)