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Ruffington WWG.jpg
Species Dog
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)

Ruffington is a dog that appears in WarioWare Gold. He lives in Crystal Park, where he has animal friends. He appears alongside Lulu.


In the cutscene after six stories are beaten, Lulu is seen eating food on a bench in Crystal Park when Ruffington looks at her. Lulu asks if he is hungry. Ruffington barks and goes on the bench. Lulu says that he is a good boy. Lulu and Ruffington are later seen sleeping on the bench together. After ten stories are completed, a cutscene is shown where Ruffington and Lulu are still sleeping on the bench. Lulu wakes up, runs away, and then runs back to thank Ruffington for sleeping with her. Ruffington then barks. In the cutscene at the end of the game, Ruffington is seen floating towards Luxeville with Lulu. He barks during the descent, and appears alongside Lulu when she is on the ground.

Official profile and statistics[edit]

WarioWare Gold character cards[edit]

  • Rank CThis too-cute dog makes his home at Crystal Park. The poor thing got separated from his friends.
  • Rank BRuffington has plenty of company with other animals at Crystal Park. Surprisingly rare ones too!
  • Rank AHis favorite place in Diamond City is a bench by a clock. Ruffington won't just let anyone sit there with him.