Pumpkin Panic

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“This game features everyone's favorite nonemotive witch-in-training: Ashley! Use the power of her magic to protect the patch from the mandrake's attack. Crush a pumpkin, and you could be in for something...magical.”
In-game description, WarioWare Gold

Pumpkin Panic is a secret minigame in WarioWare Gold in the game's Toy Room. In it, the player controls Ashley as she tries to protect a pumpkin patch from mandrakes. Ashley can use her magic to turn mandrakes into pumpkins, and can kick pumpkins around to knock out additional mandrakes. For each pumpkin she kicks, Ashley fills up a particular meter at the top right, and if the meter is full, Ashley can perform some magic that turns all on-screen mandrakes into pumpkins. After a few rounds of smaller mandrakes are defeated, a much larger mandrake appears; they are immune to Ashley's direct attacks and must instead be attacked by kicking pumpkins into it or with her special move. If Ashley successfully defeats a large mandrake, a new image will appear in the minigame's gallery. The pumpkin patch can withstand two hits from a mandrake which destroys the fencing, but the game ends if a third mandrake makes it to the patch.

This minigame features an aforementioned gallery of images featuring Ashley and Red that fills up for each large mandrake that Ashley defeats. The gallery consists of most of the Ashley artwork produced for Nintendo Badge Arcade, excluding the crossovers with other video game series and the Crazy Galaxy set.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Caos Calabacero Pumpkin Chaos
French (NOE) Citrouilles en folie Pumpkin Frenzy