Diamond City Amusement Park

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Diamond City Amusement Park
Cricket Mantis Park Gold.png
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)

The Diamond City Amusement Park is a theme park in Diamond City that appears in WarioWare Gold in Young Cricket and Master Mantis' story. The Diamond City Amusement Park's known rides are the Chromaconda, a snake-shaped roller coaster which goes one hundred miles per hour; Breakneck Falls, a log flume ride; Precious Prancers, a carousel; the Diamond Wheel, a ferris wheel ride; an unnamed tornado ride; and an unnamed teacup ride. There are also several tents and balloons in the Diamond City Amusement Park, along with a sign showing an overhead view of the park.


In Young Cricket and Master Mantis' story, Young Cricket and Master Mantis are seen riding the teacup ride, with Cricket questioning Master Mantis's methods. They are then seen looking over the Diamond City Amusement Park's sign as Young Cricket gives an overview of some of the rides in the park, and admits he was wrong about the methods. They then ride the Precious Prancers ride, where their set of microgames are played, with the player's lives being represented by a horse and the microgames being introduced by carriages on the ride.

After the ride, Young Cricket finds Lulu on his back, and points her off. However, Master Mantis suggests that he give her a ride to Diamond City Stadium, which she agrees to.

In the game's credits, Lulu, Young Cricket, and Master Mantis are seen in front of an image of the Diamond City Amusement Park.