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First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
Greater location Diamond City
“Welcome to Gigantaburger! What can I get ya?”
Danny, WarioWare Gold

Gigantaburger is a fast-food restaurant that first appears in WarioWare Gold in Orbulon's story. It is a small building with a drive-through with a sign of a blue car and a hamburger, a menu and a microphone, a small outside area with a table and a chair, and a sign on the building's rooftop with a hamburger covering a capital W. Gigantaburger's only known employee is Danny, who works at the microphone. Gigantaburger serves Chilly Fries, Chili Shakes, and Megaburgers. Gigantaburger is located in Diamond City.


In Orbulon's story, Orbulon is seen driving through Gigantaburger's drive-though, where he orders food going through the drive-though each time. Orbulon later orders ten Megaburgers. Danny tells Orbulon that they are sold out of Megaburgers. Orbulon then teleports away from Gigantaburger to get Little Hammies.

After Orbulon's set of microgames is completed, Orbulon is seen driving though Gigantaburger's drive-though with a large amount of Little Hammies. Danny dismisses Orbulon, saying that he cannot even use the grill. Orbulon teleports away from Gigantaburger, leaving a Little Hammy behind.

In the game's ending credits, Orbulon is seen in front of an image of Gigantaburger.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バーガーショップ スターダイヤ
Bāgā Shoppu Sutā Daiya
Burger Shop Star Diamond
French Monstroburger Monster Burger
Italian Diamante Burger Diamond Burger
Spanish Hamburguesas Diamante Diamond Burgers