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“Welcome to Gigantaburger! What can I get ya?”
Danny, WarioWare Gold
Orbulon Hams Gold.png
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)

Gigantaburger is a location in WarioWare Gold that appears in Orbulon's story. It is a small fast-food restaurant with a drive-through and a small table to eat at outside. Gigantaburger's only known employee is Danny, who works at the microphone. Gigantaburger is known to serve Chilly Fries, Chili Shakes, and Megaburgers.

During the beginning of his story, Orbulon is seen going through Gigantaburger's drive-though numerous times in his Oinker, ordering food each time. After ordering Chilly Fries and a Chili Shake, he orders 10 Megaburgers. Danny tells Orbulon that they are sold out of Megaburgers, which shocks Orbulon. Orbulon then teleports away from Gigantaburger, declaring that he will find the Little Hammies required for his order so that it may be completed.

After Orbulon's set of Microgames is completed, Orbulon is seen driving though Gigantaburger's drive-though once again with a large amount of Little Hammies. Danny dismisses Orbulon, saying that he does not even have permission to use the grill yet. Orbulon understands this and teleports away from Gigantaburger, leaving a Little Hammy behind.

In the game's ending credits, Orbulon is seen in front of an image of Gigantaburger.