List of Challenges in WarioWare: Get It Together!

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In the Wario Cup mode in WarioWare: Get It Together!, the player can participate in weekly Challenges to earn points and achieve a high score, which can be compared with other players via the Internet if Ranked Mode is turned on (provided the player has a Nintendo Switch Online subscription). Each Challenge consists of a series of microgames played under certain conditions, sometimes using a pre-determined set of crew members or set of microgames. At the end of the Challenge period, the player is awarded Prezzies based on the scores. Even after a Challenge has ended, the player can replay it for a personal high score.

There are two types of Challenges:

  • Timed Attack: In this Challenge, a certain number of microgames must be cleared in the shortest time possible. Losing a microgame results in a penalty, where the time the microgame lasts will be added back to the counter.
  • Score Attack: In this Challenge, players compete for the highest number of score. The score is tallied based on three factors: Base Score, Game level, and the speed of the microgames. Base Score of each member can be increased by raising their Job Title. In the Challenges that allow the player to choose the crew members freely, the base score is multiplied by the member's difficulty rating, which is less in the members with more suitability.

List of Challenges[edit]

Title Challenge period Type Rounds Crew Bronze Silver Gold Description
Speed Skater September 7 - September 14, 2021 Score Attack 34 1 (9-Volt) 4800 points 5600 points 6000 points I must be going soft, 'cause these games are always gonna show up in the same order. Know what? I'm gonna make it extra fast! Bwahaha! Just to keep it interesting. Watch that 9-Volt's skateboard closely, and practice those yo-yo shots to achieve perfection here.
Survival Training September 14 - September 21, 2021 Score Attack Endless 5 (selectable) 4100 points 5400 points 6200 points I'm gonna throw every game I've got at you! Beat as many as you can, but think hard about who you put in your crew. 'Cause as soon as one of those chumps fail, they're out for good. Well, uh... until you start all over again.