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Individual microgames in WarioWare: Get It Together! can be played in the Play-o-pedia. The Intro Games consist of 13 microgames, Anything Goes consists of 25, and the rest of the levels consist of 23 each, making up a total of 222 microgames.

A microgame with an italic font means that it lasts twice as long.

For a list of microgames featured in the Wario Cup, see List of Challenges in WarioWare: Get It Together! § Featured microgames.

Intro Games[edit]

These microgames are created by Wario and introduce the player to the style of the game. All of them involve Wario in some way. The intermission stage takes place in his lab. The number of lives is represented by battery icons. The characters' pads are platforms connecting to the life counter. A walking nose runs toward the screen revealing a microgame. If the player wins, the nose jumps and fireworks appear. If the player loses, the nose falls on its back and smoke fills the lab. When the player encounters a boss, the nose is purple and wears a crown.

Name Image Description Passing score
Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt (microgame) "Wahaha, those jewels look pricey. Hurry and grab 'em all!" 20
Tummy Trouble Tummy Trouble, one of Wario's microgames in WarioWare: Get It Together! "My stomach! It hurts! Hmm. Maaaybe it was something I ate? If you see something weird in there, get rid of it for me." 30
Strike Gold Strike Gold "Nothing's better than a bag stuffed with moolah! Hey... Stop that! Keep that up, and my precious gold will spill out!" 25
Wanted A microgame "Those look-alikes are some handsome devils, eh? Check out that wanted poster, and help catch the bad guy. Don't let their disguises trick you!" 20
Sleep Clinic A microgame "That's making me feel...sleepy. Get rid of that butterfly so I can take a nap!" 25
Seeing Stars Seeing Stars, one of Wario's microgames in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Those stars are so dull and boring! Touch them, and they'll not only shine like gold, they'll light up a whole constellation. Eh, if you're into pretty stuff, you'll probably like it." 30
Rocket Rush WWGITRocketRush.png "3...2...1...WARIO TIME! I mean, LIFT OFF! Jump into an empty rocket, and blast into space. Eh, but watch out! Not all of these rockets have what it takes to get off the ground." 30
Land in the Sand Land in the Sand, one of Wario's microgames in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Gah! I can't get down from here! Knock over the stick to help me land safely. You can shake the ground to knock it over, too, if that's how you get your kicks." 30
Eye Exam The Eye Exam microgame "Time for an eye exam, Dr. Wario style! Turn the shape until it matches the one I picked. Let's SEE if you can do it. Ha! I'm so funny!" 20
Defend the Flowers Defend the Flowers, one of Wario's microgames in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Don't let the meteorite smash those flowers! Knock that hunk of rock right off the screen if you can." 20
Flee the Flashlight Flee The Flashlight in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Don't even think about trying to steal my garlic! I'm keeping an eye on it with my flashlight. Sure, sometimes I get a little distracted... but nobody's getting by Wario!" 15
Swordplay Swordplay, one of Wario's microgames in WarioWare: Get It Together! "You! Yes, you, with the face! Help me draw my sword. Huh? What do you mean it looks weird? Less excuses and more sword!" 20
Boss: Spiky Wario Spiky Wario microgame "Watch out! Spiky Wario is coming through! It's dangerous to get too close. Hey... Ow! The spots without spikes are sensitive, you know." 5


Before "Speed Up!" (3 in any order) After first "Speed Up!" (3 in any order) After second "Speed Up!" (3 in any order) Boss microgame
Treasure Hunt Wanted Strike Gold Spiky Wario
Tummy Trouble Seeing Stars Land in the Sand N/A
Sleep Clinic Eye Exam Defend the Flowers N/A
Rocket Rush Flee the Flashlight Swordplay N/A

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テハジメ
German Aufwärmrunde Warm-up round
Korean 인트로

That's Life[edit]

These microgames are created by Mona and are themed around everyday routines. They are unlocked by completing Intro Games for the first time. The intermission stage takes place in her bedroom. The score indicator is a single-day calendar. The number of lives is represented by dust brushes. The characters pads are striped placemats. The wardrobe behind the player opens up to reveal a microgame. If the player wins, the room becomes clean. If the player loses, the wardrobe bends down and the room darkens. When the player encounters the boss, the wardrobe jumps in circles.

Name Image Description Passing score
Don't Waste the Paste A microgame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Load up your toothbrush with some toothpaste! The trick is to squeeze it from the end. Wait... What?! That's not toothpaste!" 25
Gold Digger Gold Digger, a Mona microgame from WWGIT. "Every nose needs a finger to keep it company, don't you think? Tee-hee! Well, don't delay! Jump inside that lonely nostril! Oh, and empty nostrils are a good place for boomerangs and other projectiles too." 20
The Cleaners The Cleaners in WarioWare: Get It Together! "The vacuum wants what it wants. Right now it wants to suck up only dust of the same color. Careful, or you may get sucked up as well." 30
Good Times The Good Times microgame from WarioWare: Get It Together! "Oh no! The alarm clock stopped working. How will I stay on schedule? Line up the hands to display the correct time. Goodness, I'd hate to be late for, well, anything." 20
Appealing Mask A microgame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Moisturizing masks are so refreshing, don't you think? Peel off the mask to reveal a glowing complexion. Start with the part that's already falling away. So satisfying!" 15
Hide-and-Seek The Hide-and-Seek microgame from WarioWare: Get It Together! "You're lost in a strange kid's room. Hide among the toys and other kid stuff so you won't be found!" 30
The Tooth Hurts A microgame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "My goodness, look at all those pearly whites. Just make sure you don't get bitten! The gaps between the teeth are the perfect place to hide." 30
Missing Remote Missing Remote in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Where has that silly TV remote gone? Huh?! What's it doing there?! Grab it for me, please, but watch out for the thumbtacks sticking out of the wall." 25
Foggy Glasses Foggy Glasses in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Aww, that man's glasses are all fogged up. Get rid of the source of the fog to help him see clearly again. Consider it your good deed for the day." 30
A Call to Fall A Call to Fall in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Time to tidy up this whiteboard! Take the old poster down by knocking off the colorful magnet that holds it in place. I do love a fresh start!" 20
Sanitation Station The Sanitation Station microgame from WarioWare: Get It Together! "Ew, what a mess! Wash all that dirt away with water. Don't forget to turn off the faucet when you're done." 20
Hit the Switch Hit the Switch in WarioWare: Get It Together! "It's dark! TOO dark! Hurry up, and turn on the lights!" 25
Music Mischief Music Mischief in WarioWare: Get It Together! "How rude! That person is playing their music waaay too loud and disturbing everyone around them. Take off their headphones, and tell them what's what!" 25
Break the Bank A microgame "Everyone could use a little extra spending money now and again. Knock that piggybank off its perch to break it open. There's plenty of mad money waiting inside!" 20
Garbage Day The Garbage Day microgame from WarioWare: Get It Together! "Gross! You were thrown away like yesterday's garbage. Untie the knot and escape!" 30
Rock-a-Bye Rock-a-bye microgame "Aww, that poor baby sounds tired. Rock the cradle rhythmically to help soothe it to sleep." 20
Wayward Water Wayward Water "These pipes are all out of sorts! Rotate them into the right position so the water can flow." 25
Face Wash Face Wash microgame "Rinse the bubbles off of that soapy face. You'll need to splash vigorously to get all the suds off. You can do it!" 30
Nail the Nail Nail the Nail microgame "Look at all those nails sticking out! They're just begging to be hammered in. Pick a nail-any nail-and have at it!" 25
Hosting Hustle Hosting Hustle microgame "Oh my! Company is coming for a visit! Better tidy up, and fast!" 25
Is Anyone Home? The Is Anyone Home? microgame from WarioWare: Get It Together! "Hellooo! Is anyone home? Yes? No? Hmph! Just keep ringing the doorbell until someone is polite enough to answer." 30
Stop the Stopper Stop the Stopper microgame "Hmmm... There's something hiding in the water. If you pull the chain and remove the plug, I bet you'll find out what it is!" 30
Boss: Delivery Center Delivery Center "Time to go to work at the delivery center! Look at the monitor, and pack each box accordingly. If you grab the wrong item, don't panic. Just throw it in the trashcan, and try again. You've got this!" 5


Before "Speed Up!" (6 in any order) After first "Speed Up!" (5 in any order) After second "Speed Up!" (3 in any order) Boss microgame
Don't Waste the Paste Gold Digger Hit the Switch Delivery Center
The Cleaners The Tooth Hurts Music Mischief N/A
Good Times Missing Remote Break the Bank N/A
Appealing Mask A Call to Fall Nail the Nail N/A
Hide-and-Seek Sanitation Station Stop the Stopper N/A
Foggy Glasses Rock-a-Bye N/A N/A
Garbage Day Face Wash N/A N/A
Wayward Water Hosting Hustle N/A N/A
Is Anyone Home? N/A N/A N/A

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese せいかつ
German Alltag Everyday
Korean 생활


These microgames are created by Dribble & Spitz and have a fantasy theme such as fairies and magic spells. They are unlocked by completing That's Life for the first time. The intermission stage is set in space. The characters' pads are planetary rings similar of Saturn's. The score indicator is displayed in the style of a licence plate. The number of lives is represented by aliens. A planet reveals the next microgame. If the player wins, the planet spins. If the player loses, the planet cracks. When the player encounters the boss, the player encounters a volcanic planet.

Name Image Description Passing score
Mushroom Doom Mushroom Doom microgame "Some weird mushroom monsters showed up! I don't care how ya do it, just get rid of 'em!" 30
Nightmare Fuel Nightmare Fuel microgame "A nightmare's botherin' that pooch. Get rid of it so the poor pup can sleep!" 20
Dragon's Reign Dragon's Reign microgame "That mischief-makin' dragon stole the crown! Steal it back, and show him who's boss!" 30
Bubble Count Bubble Count microgame "Count the floatin' soap bubbles! Popped bubbles change the number, so watch out for that." 25
There's a Monster Behind You! There's a Monster Behind You! microgame "That's a real spooky monster over there! Better get outta there, and FAST. I have a hunch that wind can help." 30
Umbrella Brothers Umbrella Brothers microgame "Watch out! A meteor shower is on the way! Take shelter beneath the Jumboman Brothers. They're a couple of tough guys, alright." 30
Weird Windmill A microgame "That windmill must be hidin' somethin'. Don't ask me how I know these things. I just do. So spin it already, and see what happens!" 25
Fishy Felines A microgame "I got a soft spot in my heart for cats. So, how about you do a good deed, and catch some fish for these angelic felines I know. But be's a shockingly bad idea to give 'em too many!" 20
A Big Fan "A flower fan is blowing up a storm, and it's about to blow a poor little elf away! See if you can help 'em get to the higher ground!" 25
Water You Waiting For? "I like waterin' plants. Relaxes me after a long shift behind the wheel. But I gotta ask... Is this thing really a plant?" 30
Swing and a Kiss "Help the two lovebirds on the swings smooch! It don't get much more romantic than that, am I right?" 20
Mean Magic "A dark wizard is castin' some nasty spells. Try to steer clear of whatever he throws your way, or maybe deflect his spell with your own attack." 25
Sort It Out The Sort It Out Minigame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "You've heard the sayin', "It's raining cats and dogs." Yeah, well, now the sky is raining all sorts of random stuff! Be sure to sort the stuff correctly if you wanna see a beeeautiful rainbow." 20
UFBs "Oh brother! Unidentified flying buttocks (that's UFBs) are tryin' to invade! But don't sweat it. You can knock 'em all out at once if you aim right. It's like bowling-but with flying butts!" 20
The Vampire Arose "Quite the curtain conundrum you got here, pal. This vampire can't stand the sunlight. But the rose is gonna wilt without it. Open the curtain. Close the curtain. You decide!" 25
Seesaw Space Race "Drop a big ol' weight onto the seesaw and—BOOM—you'll send the astronaut to the moon! Ahhh, ain't space grand?" 20
Pit Stop A microgame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Whoa! That's some mighty armpit hair right there! I hear the big fella prefers a smoother look, so ya better yank those hairs out, and fast!" 20
Witch! Which? "Some kinda spell is making everyone all shadowy. I don't like it one bit! Figure out where you are, and defeat the witch!" 30
Slime Time "This poor blob of slime is splattered all over the place. Put it back together again, and you'll put a smile on its face. But, uh, it's pretty wiggly and jiggly, so good luck with that." 20
Mermaid Tears "Rumor has it pearls are made from mermaid tears. That's too weird to not be true! Collect the mermaid's tears to make a necklace. It's snot a problem if some of those drops come from her nose. Pearls are pearls!" 25
Alien Trap "A trap has been set to catch some sneaky space aliens. But listen up...You gotta cut the vine at just the right time, or they'll escape. Trust me, pal, ya don't want that." 15
Gimme Five "Everyone loves a high five, am I right? Of course, it ain't always easy to land a good one. But go on, try to high-five whoever happens by. Who cares if it's a little awkward?" 25
Boss: Poseidon Poseidon "Grrrr! Poseidon is attacking those poor little fairies! Fend off his tentacles, and do whatever ya gotta do to save 'em. He really oughta pick on someone his own size!" 5


Before "Speed Up!" (5 in any order) After first "Speed Up!" (6 in any order) After second "Speed Up!" (3 in any order) Boss microgame
Mushroom Doom Nightmare Fuel Umbrella Brothers Poseidon
There's a Monster Behind You! Dragon's Reign Fishy Felines
Weird Windmill Bubble Count Seesaw Space Race
A Big Fan Water You Waiting For? Witch! Which?
Sort It Out Swing and a Kiss Slime Time
UFBs Mean Magic
The Vampire Arose Mermaid Tears
Pit Stop Alien Trap
Gimme Five

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファンタジー
German Fantasy Fantasy
Korean 판타지

High Tech[edit]

These microgames are created by Dr. Crygor and are themed around usually futuristic technology. They are unlocked by completing That's Life for the first time. The intermission stage takes place in his factory and consists of an assembly line. The score indicator is displayed on the overhead screen. The number of lives is represented by cryogenic tubes. A Flatterbot reveals the next microgame. If the player wins, the Flatterbot celebrates. If the player loses, the Flatterbot malfunctions. When the player encounters the boss, the player encounters a cheerleading Flatterbot.

Name Image Description
Great Escape A microgame "Gaaah! The building is on fire! Whatever you do, don't panic. Also...GET TO THE HELICOPTER ON THE ROOF!"
Ready to Launch "I daresay it's time for takeoff! Use the guide to flip the right switches in the right order and launch the rocket. To space we go!"
Wayward Cyborg "I don't mean to alarm you, but an out-of-control cyborg is headed this way! Figure out which direction it's coming from, and then dodge it with panache."
Choo-Choo Choose "I do love a nice, long locomotive ride. Alas, I don't live near a train station. I suppose I shall have to live vicariously through you. Please memorize which train car is empty, and then hop aboard when the time is right. Choo-choo!"
Shutter Speed "Let's take a picture, shall we? I'm told it will last longer. Simply make sure you are completely within the frame before the shutter closes. That way I can remember you in all your glory!"
Laser Labyrinth A microgame "As a man of science, I do love a good laser beam. But I daresay there are far too many of them pointed in your general direction. I recommend you find a safe spot to hide before the lasers power up."
The Power of Magnets! "There is a magnet, and there are pieces of metal...and I daresay the laws of physics want them to come together. So, use the magnet to attract the metal...or move the metal toward the magnet. Just let magnetism do its thing!"
Collision Course "An asteroid is hurtling our way! We're doomed, I say, DOOMED! That is, unless you can turn the wheel and steer the spaceship out of harm's way? I await your move with bated breath."
Circuit of Light "Allow me to enlighten you! The goal here is to turn switches that will connect lights bulbs to the battery that powers them. But beware! Making the wrong connection could be an explosive mistake!"
Virus Buster The Virus Buster microgame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "How rude! Computer bugs have invaded the inter-tubes and are blocking my email from getting through. Do please exterminate them so my precious webmail reaches its destination."
Factory Tour "Good gravity! It seems you've gotten lost during a factory tour! Not to worry. Simply follow the conveyor belt to the exit. But do mind the machinery. It'll flatten you faster than you can say 'total kinetic energy.'"
Pop-Up Patrol The Pop-Up Patrol minigame in WarioWare: Get It Together "Hmph! I was browsing the internet, minding my own business, when a bunch of ads popped up out of nowhere. Get rid of them for me. Please!"
Ready, Set, Warp! "A spaceship is attempting to achieve warp speed. Help it along by nudging the rings up and down until they align. I do hope you've brushed up on your astrophysics!"
Gondola Lift "Why, it seems a gondola has become stuck before reaching its destination! See if you can't do something to the cable that holds it to get those poor passengers where they're trying to go!"
Like It or Leave It The Like It or Leave It minigame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "I confess, I've become quite enamored with streaming videos of late. Why don't you watch one with me now? When it's over, simply push the button that expresses the correct emotion. Observe the boy's reaction for valuable data!"
Crash Course "I'd like you to swing a wrecking ball into a building and destroy it for me. Not to worry, it's for science! This wrecking ball can be quite powerful if you get some momentum behind it. You might also try directly attacking the building yourself. Experimentation is key!"
Hot Spot Hot Spot microgame "Good gallium, why is it so hard to find a decent hot spot when I need one?! Please, I have an urgent science-y message to send. Help me find a strong Wi-Fi signal, won't you?"
Wind-Up Pup "Eureka! I've invented a clockwork dog! This mechanical marvel is eco-friendly but may run low on puppy power. When it stops in its tracks, simply wind it up to get it moving again. Bow-wow, indeed."
Block Puzzle "This poor fellow seems to be trapped! The logical course of action is to break the blocks to match the shape shown on the monitor. Succeed and he'll be set free. Fail and he'll be transformed. Fret not—I hear the transformation is only temporary!"
Manic Mechanic "Some call my method for assembling Tigronic robots "absurd". Bah! I call it genius! One must assemble these robots from the bottom up, stacking each part as it falls from above on top of the part that came before it. The stacked pieces don't even need to line up perfectly! Unconventional but effective!"
You Can Lead a Robot to Water... "The watering robot I invented can only move in a straight line. Perhaps I didn't think this through... In any case, please help lead it to the thirsty plant!"
Bare Necessities "Eeegads! Those poor robots! They've just returned from a relaxing soak, and now a fan is about to blow their towels off! Protect their mechanical modesty—either cover them up or point the fan elsewhere."
Boss: Ride the Line Ride the Line "Here's your chance to take control of an assembly arm and use it to put many wonderful things together. All you'll need to do is follow the instructions on the monitor and move in the same way you usually do. Isn't technology marvelous?"


Before "Speed Up!" (5 in any order) After first "Speed Up!" (6 in any order) After second "Speed Up!" (3 in any order) Boss microgame
Great Escape Ready to Launch Wayward Cyborg Ride the Line
Choo-Choo Choose The Power of Magnets! Laser Labyrinth
Shutter Speed Factory Tour Virus Buster
Collision Course Ready, Set, Warp! Pop-Up Patrol
Circuit of Light Gondola Lift Wind-Up Pup
Block Puzzle Like It or Leave It
Manic Mechanic Crash Course
Bare Necessities Hot Spot
You Can Lead a Robot to Water...

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テクノロジー
German Technologie Technology
Korean 테크놀로지

Nintendo Classics[edit]

These microgames are created by 9-Volt and are themed around Nintendo games and toys including recent titles such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They are unlocked by completing That's Life for the first time. The intermission stage takes place in a video game dungeon. The number of lives is represented by hearts. The characters' pads are Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Every time the characters encounter an enemy, a microgame is revealed. If the player wins, the enemy is defeated. If the player loses, the enemy attacks the screen. When the player encounters the boss, a door opens to reveal a treasure room and the dungeon boss.

Name Image Description
New Super Mario Bros. U New Super Mario Bros. U (microgame) "Collect every coin, but DO NOT touch a Fuzzy! Trust me on this one. 2012: Wii U"
Super Mario Land Super Mario Land (WarioWare: Get It Together!) "Bonk the ? Block to score a coin or item. Old-school games are the coolest! 1989: Game Boy"
Super Metroid Super Metroid "Did you know Samus can turn into a Morph Ball and roll around and stuff? Isn't she THE COOLEST?! Help her get to the exit! 1994: SNES"
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Animal Crossing: New Leaf "Pop the balloon at just the right moment to deliver the present to a villager! It doesn't matter which villager gets the gift—it's just nice to be nice, ya know? 2013: Nintendo 3DS"
Nintendo Badge Arcade Nintendo Badge Arcade (microgame) "Ack! Don't let the claw catch you like you're some kind of collectible badge! You can run away from it or even try attacking it to make it go away. Shoo, claw, SHOO! 2016: Nintendo 3DS"
Pikmin 2 Pikmin 2 (WarioWare: Get It Together!) "Attack the Pellet Posies to collect the pellets! You can't harvest pellets from flowers that haven't bloomed, so don't waste precious time trying to do something silly like that. 2004: Nintendo GameCube"
Big Brain Academy Big Brain Academy "Pick two pieces that'll match the shape of the silhouette when you combine them. This one's like homework, only it's fun because it's a video game! 2006: Nintendo DS"
Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. (WarioWare: Get It Together!) "Do whatever you gotta do to beat Bowser! Dude's got it coming. Now for a hint from the world's biggest Nintendo fan: grabbing the axe behind him will totally do the trick! 1985: NES"
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fire Emblem: Three Houses "This school seems different from my school... I mean REALLY DIFFERENT. For starters, this school has tea parties. Not only that, but you gotta say the exact right thing at these tea parties. Say something weird and things get super awkward. Good luck. 2019: Nintendo Switch"
Ice Climber Ice Climber (WarioWare: Get It Together!) "Time to climb! Race to the top of the mountain, breaking blocks along the way when you need to. But watch out for falling icicles! 1985: NES"
Donkey Kong Country Returns Donkey Kong Country Returns (microgame) "OK, this is serious stuff! You gotta defeat all the enemies on the screen! Hey... is that Donkey Kong's voice I hear? 2010: Wii"
WarioWare WarioWare (microgame) "Yay! It's time to play some old WarioWare games! Hold on...some of these things are shaped like games but aren't games at all. Ugh. Don't let anything in that's not a game. It'll ruin my system! 2004: Nintendo GameCube 'WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!' / 2005: Nintendo DS 'WarioWare: Touched!' / 2003: Game Boy Advance 'WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!'"
Destiny Game Destiny Game "Time for some OLD old-school fun! In this board game, you've got to stop the spinner on the number that lets you move your piece the right number of spaces to reach the goal. Didja know that Nintendo used to make board games too? So cool! 1969 (Japan): Destiny Board Game"
Splatoon 2 A microgame based on Splatoon 2 "Hmm...can you tell which team inked more turf? Pick a side and head that way! The honorable Judd and Li'l Judd will deliver the final verdict. 2017: Nintendo Switch"
Devil World Devil World "Oooh, there's sooo much retro goodness in this game! You've gotta navigate a maze and try to stay alive while the screen scrolls. Keep moving so you don't get squished! 1984 (Japan): Famicom"
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild "Wow! Link is sooo cool! He stopped that object in its tracks using the Stasis Rune! Strike it to build up kinetic energy and send it flying. 2017: Nintendo Switch, Wii U"
Luigi's Mansion Luigi's Mansion (microgame) "Jeepers! Ghosts are hiding in the furniture! Talk about c-c-creepy. Find the ghosts so Luigi can get rid of 'em! 2001: Nintendo GameCube"
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (microgame) "Oh no, Captain Toad is stuck and can't get to the Power Star! Move things around to create a path for him! 2014: Wii U"
Ele-Conga & Autoplayer Ele-Conga & Autoplayer "Did you know that Nintendo made an electronic drum machine back in the olden days? So cool! Just turn the Ele-Conga's handle to get the beat going and the people dancing. 1972 (Japan): Ele-Conga"
Game & Watch Judge Game & Watch Judge "Time for a pop quiz! And it's math too! Just pick the side that has the highest number. HA! The student has become the teacher! 1980: Game & Watch"
WarioWare: Twisted! WarioWare: Twisted! (WarioWare: Get It Together!) "You play this game by twisting the Game Boy Advance system around. Check out the screen to see what you need to do, and then get twistin'! 2005: Game Boy Advance"
Yoshi's Story Yoshi's Story (microgame) "Time to collect some eggs! Be sure to pick up the right amount, and don't forget to check the blocks too. 1998: Nintendo 64"
Boss: Super Mario World Super Mario World (WarioWare: Get It Together!) "Time for an epic adventure through a classic Super Mario World level! Try not to get hit by enemies as you race to the Goal Pole. Have fun, but don't forget there's a time limit. 1991: SNES"


Before "Speed Up!" (5 in any order) After first "Speed Up!" (6 in any order) After second "Speed Up!" (3 in any order) Boss microgame
Super Mario Land New Super Mario Bros. U Pikmin 2 Super Mario World
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Super Metroid Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Ice Climber Nintendo Badge Arcade Devil World
Donkey Kong Country Returns Big Brain Academy Game & Watch Judge
WarioWare Super Mario Bros. Yoshi's Story
Destiny Game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Splatoon 2 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Luigi's Mansion Ele-Conga & Autoplayer
WarioWare: Twisted!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニンテンドー
Dutch Nintendo Nintendo
French Nintendo Nintendo
German Nintendo Nintendo
Italian Nintendo Nintendo
Korean 닌텐도
Spanish Nintendo Nintendo


These microgames are created by Kat & Ana and are themed around nature such as plants or animals. They are unlocked by completing Remix for the first time. The intermission stage is set in a jungle. The characters' pads are tree stumps. The number of lives is represented by scrolls. When a player encounters a microgame, a ball-like object jumps into the bushes. If the player wins, an animal is revealed and is purified from Leo's spells. If the player loses, the stage darkens and branches fall. If the boss is defeated, a lion is revealed.

Name Image Description
Stick to It Stick to It microgame "Aww, that chameleon has a bunch of stuff stuck to its tongue! The poor thing needs your help. Try to unstick the stuff, but don't touch its tongue, or the results will be shocking!"
Shoo, Fly! A microgame "Gross! A bunch of flies showed up, and they are WAY too ew. Shoo them away already!"
Egg It On Egg It On "Hmm, that egg looks ready to hatch, but it's taking too long. Help it along by cracking the shell, OK?"
Crayfish Crash "Uh-oh! Somehow a crayfish got into the fish tank! The fish are in danger, so see if you can shoo that pest away."
Turtle Tipper "Mr. Turtle won't come out to play while he's upside down. Help him get back on his feet!"
Roll Call "Did you know that pill bugs roll up into little balls when you touch 'em? It's SO adorable! Try to make the pill bugs roll into a ball so we can enjoy their cuteness, OK?"
Cloudy with a Chance of Sun "Flowers can't bloom without the sun. Scoot these clouds away so the flowers can grow big and strong!"
Drop Zone "Is that rain? EW, NO! It's bird poop. That's super yucky. Don't get hit, because...GROSS!"
Look Both Ways "Wild animals are running...uh, WILD! Be careful as you cross the road so you don't get trampled."
Family Reunion "Those baby ducklings are sooo adorable and sooo lost! Help reunite them with the mama duck!"'
Peekaboo "Hey! Something is trying to reach through that crack! What IS it? Knock it free, and I bet you find out."
Doggone Thirsty "That pupper looks super thirsty. Move its tongue so it can get a nice, refreshing drink of water!"
Monochrome Creatures "Time to focus like a ninja! Look carefully, and then answer the question. The animals are all black-and-white, so it can be kinda confusing."
Wheel You or Won't You? "Look how cute that hamster is running in its little wheel! Wait a minute... Mr. Hamster can't stop! Be a hamster hero, and stop the wheel!"
Kitty Business Kitty Business microgame in WarioWare: Get It Together "This is a little gross, but can you help cover the kitty's special business with some sand? Try moving the litter slowly and starting from far away. Thanks, and sorry!"
Do Feed the Giraffe "Feed the giraffe! You can do this by moving their necks or their food. Just don't forget they're vegetarians!"
Break the Ice "These polar bears really want to punch some ice. Help 'em out by getting the cubes close enough for them to reach. But be careful not to get in their way! Hm...I wonder what's inside the ice cubes."
Chompy Chirpers "Give the hungry birdies some food from the basket! I don't know why they don't just fly to get it? Oh well, I guess that's their business."
Web Surfer "A beautiful butterfly is stuck in a stupid spiderweb! You HAVE TO help it escape!"
Sayonara, Snakes "Chase away the scary snakes! Just try not to frighten the other animals while you're at it, OK?"
Ocean Hero "Aww, the creatures of the ocean shouldn't have to live with our garbage. Help clean up their home by getting the trash into the net. The currents can be a big help!"
Fluff It Out "Can you blow all of the dandelion fluff into the air? It's sooo pretty! Hm? My rabbit radar is going crazy for some reason..."
Boss: Safari Tour Safari Tour "Cool! This safari is full of animals! Try to remember what kinds of animals you saw, where they were, and what they were doing. There's going to be a quiz at the end, so PAY ATTENTION!"


Before "Speed Up!" (5 in any order) After first "Speed Up!" (5 in any order) After second "Speed Up!" (4 in any order) Boss microgame
Shoo, Fly! Stick to It Egg It On Safari Tour
Turtle Tipper Cloudy with a Chance of Sun Crayfish Crash
Peekaboo Family Reunion Roll Call
Kitty Business Doggone Thirsty Drop Zone
Chompy Chirpers Monochrome Creatures Look Both Ways
Web Surfer Wheel You or Won't You? Do Feed the Giraffe
Ocean Hero Break the Ice
Fluff It Out Sayonara, Snakes

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いきもの
Living things
German Tiere Animals
Korean 생물
Living Things


These microgames are created by Jimmy T. and are themed around sports. They are unlocked by completing Nature for the first time. The intermission stage consists of a dance floor with five dancers holding sporting equipment. The number of lives is represented by whistles. If the player wins, the dancers dance. If the player loses, the dancers hold their heads down in shame. When the player encounters the boss, the dancers perform a dance identical to that of the dancers in level 3 of the Wario Dance Company microgame from WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

Name Image Description
Pump It Up "Ooh, this ball is way flat! Pump those pumps to pump it back up. I'm pumped! You pumped? Alright!"
Bounce Back A microgame "Don't let the ball touch the ground! Watch its shadow on the way down, then bop it back up. Oh yeah!"
Reel 'em In "We snagged a fish! Time to get reel, oh yeah! Knock the fishing rod back to pull it in."
Please Reef-Cycle "This diver can't get to the coral reef. Knock that funky junk out of their way, yeah!"
Yoga Man "This dude has perfect balance. Hey! Let's mess with him, ha ha! Knock him down before time runs out!"
Basket and Ball "Get the balls in the basket! Sometimes you'll move the basket, sometimes you'll move the ball. It's a funky metaphor for life, ha ha!"
Peril-Chute "Whoa! That skydiver is in trouble! You should probably do something to save him, y'know?"
Keeping Track "Think you can keep track ON the track? Ha ha! Tap the button once for every runner that breezes by!"
Gymn-assist "The horizontal bar is tough, y'know? Be nice, and help these gymnasts get over it!"
Shot Blocker "Ooh, watch out! The other team is taking their shot. We can't lose the big game! Knock the ball away from our net, ya dig?"
Wiggle Dancing "Show these folks how to dance! Move their arms and hips to help them sway back and forth. Oh yeah!"
Get Swole Get Swole "Hey, hey! Time to do some lifting! Doing curls is a great way to build muscle. But you gotta do them all the way or it doesn't count!"
Archer Assist "Hey now! The archer can't hit the target like that! Help this cool cat score a bull's-eye by making some adjustments before the arrow flies."
Shadow Sports A microgame "Playing sports in the dark? Yo, that's wild! Wipe the shadows away to check out the action and answer the question."
Basically Water Polo "Bop the ball into the goal to win. Knock the goalies away, or our funk is sunk!"
Sand-Trap Scoop "Aw shucks. The ball got stuck in the sand trap. Let's just nudge it back up on the green. I won't tell if you don't."
Spoke Too Soon "Yo, talk about a vicious cycle! Push the spokes of the bike to turn the tires and win the race, YEAH!"
Wobble Boxing "Let's hit it—boxing style! Lean the boxer back, then send their punch flying! Ha ha! Ow."
Mole in One "This golfer has got no groove! Let's make the green less mean, ya dig? Move the ground around to help 'em get a hole in one!"
Boxing Cowards "This boxer wants to take you down! Keep moving so they don't knock you out, alright? Alright!"
Stroke of Genius "That island is so close... Give the swimmer's arms a poke so they can finish their stroke! Go, man, go!"
Baseball Break-In "See if you can knock that baseball memorabilia off its pegs. It's cool—we'll put it right back where it came from."
Boss: Rock Climber Rock Climber "Feelin' bold? Then let's do some bouldering! Move the climber's arms and legs, and scale the wall to the summit. But watch out for those crows. They are NOT groovy!"


Before "Speed Up!" (4 in any order) After first "Speed Up!" (6 in any order) After second "Speed Up!" (4 in any order) Boss microgame
Pump It Up Bounce Back Yoga Man Rock Climber
Basket and Ball Reel 'em In Get Swole
Peril-Chute Please Reef-Cycle Shadow Sports
Keeping Track Shot Blocker Sand-Trap Scoop
Gymn-assist Archer Assist Boxing Cowards
Wiggle Dancing Spoke Too Soon Stroke of Genius
Basically Water Polo Wobble Boxing
Mole in One
Baseball Break-In

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スポーツ
German Sport Sport
Korean 스포츠


These microgames are created by Ashley and are themed around food. They are unlocked by completing Nature for the first time. The intermission stage consists of a dining room table. The characters' pads are plates. The number of lives is represented by forks. When the player encounters a microgame, a donut appears. If the player wins, the donut gets eaten. If the player loses, some substances splatter on the screen. When the player encounters the boss, a star-shaped donut appears.

Name Image Description
Apple Drop Apple Drop microgame "Make all the apples fall out of the tree. You can knock them down one by one or shake the tree trunk. Or whatever. I barely even care."
Rock Candy A microgame "Sigh. This kid is upset because rocks got mixed in with his candy. Get rid of the rocks, and leave the candy behind. It'll make him happy, or whatever."
Take a Seat "It's time for dinner, so grab a seat...if you can. These animals have no table manners, so you better move fast."
Blended? Splendid! "People like smoothies, I guess. So blend the fruit together. Keep going until it's all one color."
Stove Slider The Stove Slider minigame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Do you smell something...tasty? Move the slider to set the stove to the right temperature. Sigh. I hope you're better than Red is."
Alphabet Fruit "Here's the deal. You erase some letters, and I'll cast a spell to make some food appear. I mean, I'm a witch, so it's NBD."
Dessert Defender "The dessert is in danger. Protect it. I am dead serious."
Veggie Out! "I am...displeased. Someone put inedible junk in with the vegetables. Get it out before I get...more displeased."
Bottle Ball "There's something round stuck in a bottle. Spin the bottle to get it out. Don't worry, you'll get your just desserts."
Roll Cake "This dessert is called a roll cake. Put the finishing touches on it, and you'll see why."
A Weighty Matter "Curses! There's too much stuff on this scale. See if you can get the needle into the red area. Go on."
Feast Your Eyes on This "Look carefully at the food on the plate. Can you keep track of where it goes? Well, can you?"
Corn Cleaner "Corn on the cob. Delicious. Don't let a single kernel go to waste. I insist."
Mouths to Feed "Sigh. Children are always so hungry. Be sure to feed the ones with their mouths open. Hmm...perhaps I should get Red to feed me like this..."
Burst Your Bottle Burst Your Bottle microgame "How did you get stuck inside a bottle? Never mind. I don't really care. To get out, just pop the cork, or break the bottle...or just do whatever."
So Kneady "I'm hungry. Knead the dough to make something...delicious. Beware! I'll put a curse on you if you drop it on the floor."
Ice-Cream Lean WWGIT ice cream microgame.jpg "They say 'Don't cry over spilled ice cream.' But that kid is going to be crying his eyes out any minute now...unless you keep those scoops from hitting the ground."
Bad Vegetables "You should probably avoid all vegetables. They can be very bad for your health. At least in this"
The Waiter Awaits "Food orders are up. Just get the dishes to the waiter. Try not to drool while you work. That would be gross."
Slathered in Ketchup Slathered in Ketchup microgame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "These dishes would taste much better with ketchup on them. Lots and lots of ketchup. Feel free to slather it on."
Light the Cake Light the Cake microgame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Light the candles on the cake. Whose birthday is it? No idea."
Bare Banana "Peel the banana. Go on. It won't bite...probably."
Boss: Great Juice Great Juice "You can't make grape juice without crushing a few grapes. Actually, you'll need to crush a lot of grapes. Try not to spill them, or that farmer will get angry. Ugh. I totally understand how he feels."


Before "Speed Up!" (4 in any order) After first "Speed Up!" (6 in any order) After second "Speed Up!" (4 in any order) Boss microgame
Rock Candy Apple Drop Take a Seat Great Juice
Bottle Ball Blended? Splendid! Dessert Defender
A Weighty Matter Stove Slider Veggie Out!
Corn Cleaner Alphabet Fruit Feast Your Eyes on This
Ice-Cream Lean Roll Cake So Kneady
Bad Vegetables Mouths to Feed Light the Cake
The Waiter Awaits Burst Your Bottle
Slathered in Ketchup
Bare Banana

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たべもの
German Essen Food
Korean 음식


These microgames are created by Orbulon and are themed around real-world landmarks and cultural items. They are unlocked by completing Nature for the first time. The intermission stage consists of the earth with a pink background with numerous cultural icons in the background such as the Colosseum and a pair of maracas. The characters' pads are vinyl records. The number of lives is represented by Easter Island sculptures. An antenna TV reveals the next microgame. If the player wins, additional cultural icons appear such as the Statue of Liberty, a jack-o'-lantern, a Christmas tree, a pinata, a teapot, a lucky cat, a bongo, a guitar, and Orbulon's depiction of The Scream. If the player loses, the TV bends down and the background turns blue. When the player encounters the boss, the player encounters a flat-screen TV with boom speakers.

Name Image Description
Balance the Scales "When I visited a market in Asia, I saw many wonderful souvenirs for the buying. Alas, the scales must be perfectly balanced before I can pay the monies. Can you help poor Orbulon?"
Wedding Bells Wedding Bells microgame "Earth people are so strange and so loud! Ring this bell many times so these two humans can celebrate something called love. Bing! Bong! Bing! Bong! Love is too loud!"
Bamboo Falls "Ooh! In Japan I learned how to make a waterfall out of bamboo! Just help the water flow over the sticks to reach the bamboo at the bottom. It will go CLANK. Neato!"
Spotlight "Earth theater entertains me. I laugh. I cry. But I cannot laugh OR cry if I cannot see the performer on the stage. That is what the spotlight is for. Help me see what's happening onstage!"
Magic Trickery "Line up three boxes in a row and—poof—an Earth person appears! You humans call this 'magic'. That is silly. Magic is not real. Oops. I hope I didn't ruin your day."
Dig It "They say ancient treasures are buried under the ground. Might I learn Earth's secrets if I dig them out? Better idea! YOU dig them out. Thank you and please."
Hot-Air Heroics "Humans! So clever! You fill balloons with hot air so you can fly. Now move the balloon back and forth so your fellow humans can jump into the basket and go for a ride."
Tempest in a Teapot Tempest in a Teapot microgame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Ooh, tea time! Swoosh the tea bag around to steep the tea. Mmm, scrummy snacks will be your reward."
Hide-and-Go-Ninja "Did you know that ninjas like to play hide-and-seek? They do! They do! Watch closely, then find them in their hidey spot!"
A Moving Experience "Look at this funny vehicle! Push the handles up and down to make it move forward. My spaceship is powered the same way, you know. Ha. Ha. I made a joke."
Hot Hoops "This circus does not have clowns. But it does have rings of fire! Get through them without getting burned. Where are the clowns when you need them?"
Matchy Matryoshka Matchy Matryoshka microgame "How strange! The big doll has smaller dolls hiding inside of it! Can you find the doll the girl is looking for?"
Star Light "A tree decorated for one of your human holidays is hiding in the dark. Follow the bells to find the star at the top and turn on the lights. So pretty! So cheery! So holiday-y!"
Rock On! A microgame "Humans love the rock and the roll. Strum the guitar to hear them cheer!"
Manneken Pis "Ack! Fire! Oh my, what a convenient place for a Manneken Pis! Use the statue to douse the flames."
Hidden Holidays Hidden Holidays microgame in WarioWare: Get It Together! "Earth's festivals amuse me. Swing the dangly holiday items out of the way, and tell me what's behind them. So cheery! So strange!"
Garden Secrets "What is this ivy hiding? Orbulon must know! Break through the roots to reveal the secrets!"
Blow Your Horn "My, my! What a large horn this is! And there's something wedged inside. Push it out, human. Let Orbulon take a look."
Matching Masks "Look at these masks from different countries! If you are playing by yourself, put on the same mask as the sneaky fox. If you are playing with another human, you two should put on matching masks."
Fire Works "Light the fuse! Set off the fireworks! Eh he he! Orbulon approves of explosive fun!"
Perfect Percussion Perfect Percussion microgame "Music time! You are the orchestra's lead percussionist. Follow the conductor's cue. Play the correct instrument. Orbulon insists."
Snowman Assembly "You think you know how to build a snowman? Ha! Orbulon doubts it. Try to build a snowman exactly as shown, once piece at a time. Go on, human. Try."
Boss: Drawbridge Dilemma Drawbridge Dilemma "Earthlings on boats! Earthlings in cars! We must help them. Raise and lower the bridges so the ships and cars can get through. You are welcome, Earthlings."


Before "Speed Up!" (4 in any order) After first "Speed Up!" (6 in any order) After second "Speed Up!" (4 in any order) Boss microgame
Bamboo Falls Balance the Scales Spotlight Drawbridge Dilemma
Hot-Air Heroics Wedding Bells Magic Trickery
Hot Hoops Star Light Dig It
Matchy Matryoshka Rock On! Tempest in a Teapot
Garden Secrets Mannekin Pis Hide-and-Go-Ninja
Perfect Percussion Hidden Holidays A Moving Experience
Snowman Assembly Blow Your Horn
Matching Masks
Fire Works

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カルチャー
German Kultur Culture
Korean 컬처

Anything Goes[edit]

These microgames are created by Wario and have just like the Intro Games, have no specific theme besides Wario being involved in them in some way. They are unlocked by completing Remix 2.0 for the first time. The intermission depicts the Wario Bug. Uniquely, this is the only intermission stage without character pads so players may move freely. The number of lives is depicted by first-aid kits. If the player wins, the Wario Bug pounds the floor. If the player loses, Wario Bug taunts the player. Occasionally, the Wario Bug may attack the player between microgames. When the player encounters the boss, the Wario Bug roars. After defeating the boss, the player will have to attack the nose by plugging the unplugged nostril; failing to do so causes the nose to sneeze and the player will lose a life forced to try to attack the nose again with a different crew member. The difficulty of the microgames is determined by the Wario Bug's color with Level 1 featuring a purple Wario Bug, Level 2 featuring a blue Wario Bug, and Level 3 featuring a green Wario Bug.

Name Image Description
Boxed Up Boxed Up microgame "Hey! There's somethin' inside this box! I can't wait to get my hands on whatever it is. Hehehe. You can run, but you can't hide!"
Pipe Maze "Check out those pipes! Follow the right pipe, you get a biiiig shiny diamond. Follow the wrong go BOOM! Eh, good luck with that."
Where Goes the Nose? "Waaaah! Where did my beautiful nose go? It's the one with the most handsome mustache in the whole wide world attached to it! Don't just stand there. Help me find it!"
Inside the Storm Inside the Storm microgame "Can you make it home in this horrible storm? Not if I have anything to do with it. Bwahahaha!"
Answer Me! An Anything Goes microgame from WarioWare: Get It Together! "Quiz time, smarty-pants! I ask you a question, you press the buttons for the right answer. But the real question is, how many of my questions can you get right?"
Gifted "I got you a present. Pretty nice of me, eh? Just pull the yellow ribbon in the right direction to open it. Pull it in the wrong direction, and no present for you!"
Piggy Pluck Piggy Pluck, an Anything Goes microgame from WarioWare: Get It Together! "Oopsie! I accidentally dropped something into the piggy bank. Go on, lift it up to me so I can pull it out. I don't have all day, ya know."
Muscle Out "Want to see me flex my muscles? Of course you do! I just need a liiittle help with the competition. Give the show-offs a shove, and they'll make room for yours truly to take the stage!"
Cheeky Beaker "What you gotta do here is raise the water level inside the beaker. It's easy. Just push some objects into it. And if you run out of time, just jump into the beaker yourself. No, really! Would I lie to you?"
Note-Able Art Note-Able Art, an Anything Goes microgame from WarioWare: Get It Together! "I'm the best artist in the world! One look at the comics I drew on these sticky notes and you'll see. Peel the notes off one by one as quickly as you can to watch my pretty pictures move!"
Pop Goes the Party "It's MY birthday, and that means you gotta do what I say. And I say you should pop a party popper to celebrate ME. Just wrap the string around the pins, and pull until it goes KABLOOEY!"
Ro-sham-bo "Think you can beat me at a game of rock-paper-scissors? BaHA, you WISH! Spin the cards and take your best shot, why don't you."
Stop Thief! "What's this? A purse snatcher?! Drop that crook into the manhole, and return the stolen goods. BAH! Can't have someone more vile than me hangin' around."
Pushed to the Edge "Help the one-and-only Wario knock his opponent out of the ring. Shake the ground! Push him around! Make me number one...OR ELSE!"
Garlic Catch "Garlic makes my breath smell so good! So how about you help me collect some. Just tip the basket to catch the falling bulbs. But watch out—this garlic is very bouncy."
Get Away, Ghost! "Bwahaha! Ghost Wario has come to haunt you. Look at me, following you everywhere! I sure hope you don't bump me into any of those pointy things. Gah! I've said too much!"
What a Haul! "Hey, look, I found some treasure! Now hurry up, and load it into the truck so I can bring it home. I'm going to be riiiich! Eh, what do you mean you want a cut?"
Fall for You "Better watch out! That pillar is gonna fall over! Quick—find a gap so you don't get flattened like a pancake. Blech! You'd make a terrible pancake."
Bug Out "Bugs! Blech! These ruins are overrun with 'em. Find them and defeat them. And don't miss the ones that are hiding!"
Mystifying Mirror "You're trapped in a weird castle with an even weirder mirror. All you gotta do is grab the key, move your mirror image to the mirror-image door, and escape. Only thing is, up is down...and down is up. Like I said, it's weird in there!"
Same but Different "This is my room. I like it a lot. I like it so much, I want the one next to it to look EXACTLY the same. So help me out here. Make 'em matchy-matchy."
Flammable Goods "Gah! My treasure! Stop that fire from reaching it! I don't care what else burns...just don't let the flames near my precious treasure!"
Unlock Me "Hey, I got my mitts on the combination to this lock. Just turn the dials to the correct numbers, and the treasure will be, I mean OURS. Heh heh, yeah right."
Caution: Slippery Caution: Slippery microgame "These guys are gonna fall if you don't do somethin'! Better straighten 'em up so they land on their feet. See how nice I am? Wario is the nicest! Tell all your friends!"
Boss: Potty Pursuit Potty Pursuit "Hey! What's a toilet doin' in a place like this? Never mind. It's perfect timing. I was just thinking I needed to—Hey, don't run away! Where are you going? Waaaait!"


Before "Speed Up!" (6 in any order) After first "Speed Up!" (6 in any order) After second "Speed Up!" (6 in any order) Boss microgame
Where Goes the Nose? Boxed Up Answer Me! Potty Pursuit
Piggy Pluck Pipe Maze Note-Able Art
Muscle Out Inside the Storm Stop Thief!
Pop Goes the Party Gifted Fall for You
Ro-sham-bo Cheeky Beaker Bug Out
Garlic Catch Pushed to the Edge Same but Different
Mystifying Mirror Get Away, Ghost! Flammable Goods
Unlock Me What a Haul! Caution: Slippery

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナンデモアリ
Nandemo Ari
Anything goes
German Mischmasch Mishmash
Korean 이것저것
This and That

Demo microgames[edit]

The free demo of WarioWare: Get It Together! released on the Nintendo Switch eShop on August 19, 2021. It features six playable characters (seven if Ana, who is exclusive to player 2, is included): Wario, Young Cricket, 18-Volt, Mona, Kat, and Orbulon. The intermission is the same as in Wario's Intro Games stage, but the microgames are from every stage, save for Anything Goes. In total, there are 15 microgames in the demo. Below is a list of said microgames, as well as where they can be found in the final game.