Frenemy Frenzy

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The title screen to Frenemy Frenzy
Frenemy Frenzy title screen

Frenemy Frenzy is a multiplayer sidemode found in the Variety Pack of WarioWare: Get It Together! It involves players trying to deplete their opponents' health with various power-ups, with a similar premise to beat-'em-up games. The title screen depicts characters unlocked prior to the Wario Bug in full anime-style forms, while characters who are unlocked afterwards are depicted as silhouettes.


There are four different stages to choose from. Each provides different elements to the mode.

  • Desktop: "Whoever owns this desk prefers a tidy workplace. There's lots of room and few obstacles - perfect for focused and intense battles." A simple layout. Some blocks can be broken by different attacks.
  • Fish Tank: "This stage is set in an aquarium - rather far inside, in fact. The water level will rise and fall over time. Water will slow your movements, so try to use that to your advantage." The water level changes periodically, affecting the jumping ability of some crew members.
  • Sweet Shop: "Are you ready for some surprises? This stage features a large machine holding a variety of capsules. When you see a coin enter the slot, pull the lever and get ready for something delightful. Be warned - some nasty tricks might also be hiding in there. Hee hee." A capsule with a power-up will occasionally appear in the middle of the stage.
  • Pinball Machine: "The time has come...for pinball. Try to avoid the flippers and bumpers. If you hit them, you'll get knocked all around the stage. Those thorns don't look very kind either. Have a ball out there - but do be careful." Four bumpers and two flippers are on the stage. Anything that touches these gets bounced around. There are also two spikes on the top left and right that damage players on contact.


After a stage is chosen, the players will receive a random character from a pool of those already unlocked, and they have ninety seconds to deplete their opponents' health to zero. Regularly, a Fronk appears in the top-right corner of the screen, indicating an incoming crew member change. Also, power-ups spawn sometimes, including:

  • A temporary attack and movement speed boost
  • A destructible shield that takes up to 4 hits to break
  • Toxic mist damaging opponents
  • Sound waves stunning opponents
  • A clone imitating the player's actions for a couple of seconds
  • A bomb exploding after five seconds dealing damage to nearby players

Whoever defeated all opponents before time runs out or has the most health left when time is up wins.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キャラチェン ファイト!
Kyarachen faito!
Charachan Fight!

Chinese (simplified) 角色转换之战!
Juésè zhuǎnhuàn zhī zhàn!
Role-switching battle!

Chinese (traditional) 角色轉換之戰!
Juésè zhuǎnhuàn zhī zhàn!
Role reversal battle!

Dutch Super Wario Stars
French Baston générale
General fighting
German Kettenkampf
Chain Fight
Italian Nemici-amici
Korean 캐릭터 체인지 파이트!
Kaeligteo Cheinji Paiteu!
Character Change Fight!

Russian Дружеская потасовка
Druzheskaya potasovka
Friendly Brawl

Spanish (NOA) Combate en cadena
Chain combat
Spanish (NOE) Colegas a la gresca
Colleagues fighting