Daily Grind (minigame)

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Daily Grind
The title screen to Daily Grind
Type Variety Pack
Info "Experience an average workday at WarioWare, inc. Race through the office to collect contracts, and try to increase game sales. Ah, how thrilling office life must be...or so I assume.."
"Quit having fun and get to work!
This side-scrolling adventure doesn't end until you run out of power."
Time to Sell
*Head straight to the office to avoid getting bested by your Rivals...er, coworkers.
*Sales are calculated when you arrive at the office.
*Increase your sales by collecting Contracts, switching crew members, etc.
*When you pick up a Contract, it will automatically tag along behind you.
*Collect every Contract to earn a Contract Bonus.
*Watch out! Any time you bump into a Sales Rival, they'll steal all your contracts.
Controls WarioWare: Get It Together!
Each character controls the same way as they do in the microgames.

Daily Grind is a multiplayer sidemode found in the Variety Pack of WarioWare: Get It Together! It involves a side-scrolling platformer where players collect contracts using a variety of characters.


Players navigate through a level and must reach the exit on the other side of the level without being KO'd. Players can score points by proceeding through the level, breaking blocks, defeating enemies, and collecting contracts. Most levels have three contracts where players earn bonus points should they reach the exit with them but players can lose contracts if they come in contact with enemies. If a player spends too much time in a single spot, a crowd of enemies catch up on the player knocking out contracts. The crowd does not KO the player but can potentially push them into hazards.

Players always start with Wario but can change characters by hitting a glowing character block and collecting a bubble containing characters. Swapping crew members earns bonus points.

Every level has blue enemies which does not harm the player but can steal contracts and can be defeated with direct attacks.

Starting on the second level features pink enemies which can KO the player and can only be defeated using projectiles.

Starting on the fifth level features shooting stars which cannot be defeated as well as bottomless pits which players can fall into.

Every four levels is a night level which features 17 contracts and 9 character blocks allowing players to score even more points. These are the only levels where players can complete the "Contractually Obligated" mission.

Every level prior to the night level features unique hazards such as a space level with reduced gravity, strong winds slowing down players, and lightning storms.

At least one player must make it to the exit to proceed to the next day. The game ends if all players are KO'd.

The players earn up to 1000 points by scrolling through the level. Players also gain 10 points for every block they destroy, 100 for every blue enemy they defeat and 200 for every pink enemy. Changing characters awards 1000 points, and an additional 10000 if they collect every character bubble in a day. Taking contracts to the goal also gives 1000 points, and another bonus if they collect every contract in a level. Stolen contracts do not give any points.


Category Name Goal Coin prize
General Daily Grind Player Play Daily Grind in Variety Pack until you Game Over. 100
Score Expert of Daily Grind Make at least 100000 in Total Sales Daily Grind from Variety Pack. 1500
Score Master of Daily Grind Make at least 250000 in Total Sales Daily Grind from Variety Pack. 2000
Game Take It Easy Play Daily Grind from Variety Pack. Finish the 12th day having made exactly 1000 in Total Sales per day. 1000
Game Jobs All Around Play Daily Grind from Variety Pack. Use all 20 crew members before you Game Over. 1000
Game Contractually Obligated Play Daily Grind from Variety Pack. Arrive at the company with at least 17 Contracts. 1000


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーワリオカンパニー
Sūpā Wario Kanpanī
Super Wario Company