Jet Tank One

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Jet Tank One
Penny with her Jet Tank One

The Jet Tank One is an water blaster invented by Penny, and is her main gameplay mechanic in WarioWare: Get It Together!

The Jet Tank One is first unveiled when Penny finishes constructing it in her lab. While giving it a test run, she receives a call from Dr. Crygor. She quickly flies to WarioWare, Inc. using the water blaster and enters the game Wario's crew is inside of. When she arrives, she combines the Golden Beehive, Golden Toilet Paper Roll, and the Golden Holey Mug that the crew had collected into a Golden Watering Can and fills it with water from the Jet Tank One, at which point it floats towards a nearby toilet and waters it, causing a massive beanstalk to grow from it.

The Jet Tank One enables Penny to fly, though she has a different form of control than other flying characters. Tilting Left Stick in a direction makes Penny spray water toward that direction, with the recoil of the water blaster pushing her the opposite direction. Pressing A Button allows her to hover in midair, which negates the recoil of the water blaster, and pressing A Button again cancels the hover, allowing her to move again. The water from the Jet Tank One acts as projectiles that can affect objects in microgames.

The Jet Tank One can uniquely affect microgames that involve water, fire, or heat. These microgames include the following:

  • Foggy Glasses: Penny can spray water in the food containers to put out the steam.
  • Sanitation Station: Penny can wash the hands without turning on the faucet.
  • Face Wash: Penny can wash the man's face without using the water in the sink.
  • Water You Waiting For?: Penny can water the plant without using the watering can.
  • Doggone Thirsty: Penny can spray water directly in the dogs' mouths without moving their tongues.
  • Light the Cake: Penny's water can extinguish the candles, requiring the player to move carefully.
  • Bamboo Falls: Penny can fill up the deer scare without moving the bamboo.
  • Hot Hoops: Penny can extinguish the fire from the rings, rendering them harmless.
  • Manneken Pis: Penny can extinguish the fire without using the Manneken Pis.
  • Fire Works: Penny's water can dim the flame, however the flame does not get completely put out.
  • Cheeky Beaker: Penny can fill the beaker using her water blaster, albeit at a slower pace than using the items.
  • Flammable Goods: Penny can extinguish the fire using her water blaster.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェットタンク1ごう
Jetto Tanku 1-gō
Jet Tank No. 1

Chinese (simplified) 喷射水罐1号
Pēnshè Shuǐ Guàn 1 hào
Jet Water Tank No. 1

Chinese (traditional) 噴射水罐1號
Pēnshè Shuǐ Guàn 1 hào
Jet Water Tank No. 1

French Propulso'Jet 1.0
From "propulsion" and "jet"
German Düsinator 1.0
From "dusche" (shower) and the suffix "-nator", usually used for machines
Italian Serbatoio Jet 1
Jet Tank 1
Korean 제트 탱크 1호
Jeteu Taengkeu 1ho
Jet Tank No. 1

Russian Автогидролет-1

Spanish Jet Tank One