List of WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase microgames

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The following is a list of all the pre-made microgames that appear in the game WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase. Each genre and set is organized by each character.

Microgames with an italic font last twice as long.

The Extraordinary Wario-Man[edit]

The Extraordinary Wario-Man is a set of microgames involving Wario himself, hosted by Wario-Man. 10 microgames are encountered prior to the boss. His intermission stage consists of him opening bathroom doors for people. The number of lives is represented by roses. If the player wins, Wario-Man successfully opens the door. If the player loses, Wario-Man fails to open the door. After a boss microgame, Wario-Man encounters a billboard showing "Wario-Man the Movie." If the player clicks on the screen, Wario-Man will laugh while the Wario-Man on the billboard smiles and does V signs.


Name Image Description
Stamp Out Stamp Out.png "Fill up your Wario Fan Club card."
Wario 101 Wario 101.png "Show your Wario fan knowledge."
Let's Bounce Let's Bounce.png "Bounce the Wario ball super high!"
Idol Hands Idol Hands.png "Ignore the bats and grab the idol!"
Outta My Way Outta My Way.png "Get past all those Sunday drivers."
Spearhead Spearhead "Target spear! Next Olympic sport!"
Wardi Gras WardiGras.png "Party time! Fix the decorations!"
Wanna Slice? WannaSliceGame.png " No, I'm NOT sharing."
Who Nose? Who's Nose? "Tap my nose to fix my mustache!"
Navel Force Navel Force "Stop missiles the only way you can."
GAME & WARIO GAME&WARIO.png "LCD action at its finest!"
Watched Pots Watched-Pots.png "Don't let the pots get TOO boiled!"
Out With It! Out With It! "What is he eating THIS time?"
MechaWario MechaWarioGame.png "Defend Wario with giant robot limbs."
Flag Waver FlagGameWWDIYS.png "Raise and lower as instructed."
Money Hungry Money Hungry "Gold! (Don't get eaten by sharks.)"
How Old? HowOld.png "It's li'l Wario's birthday!"
Speed Trap Speed Trap "Slowing down is for chumps."
Boss Stage: Bombs Away PasstheBomb.png "I hope no bombs go off near you..."


"I'm-a Wario-Man, hero sandwich! People in the park need my help!"

Dribble & Spitz Rally![edit]

Dribble & Spitz Rally! is a set of microgames of the "Sci-Fi" genre, hosted by Dribble & Spitz. 11 microgames are encountered prior to the boss. The intermission stage depicts them driving through a canyon for a rally and encounters cars which show the current score. The number of lives is represented by the light bulbs on top of Dribble's taxi which spell out "TAXI". If the player wins, Dribble & Spitz ram the car carrying the score. If the player loses, the score carrying car rams the taxi. When the player encounters the boss, the car carrying the score has flame decals. After a boss microgame, an ad for Diamond Taxi appears. If the player clicks on the screen, the taxi falls apart. When the player loses all their lives, the taxi lags behind and the sun sets.


Name Image Description
Garden Pests Garden Pests "Uh-oh, dear, we've got ninjas..."
Moon Balloon MOONGame.png "Defend moon from evil balloons."
Leaf Thrower Leaf Thrower "Show that leaf who's the boss!"
On Course On Course "Modulate thrusters and stuff."
1, 2, ROBOT! ROBOTGame.png "Stack robot parts in order. Science!"
Space Trap ROCKETGame.png "Aliens surrounding ship! SOS! Help!"
Tenderfoot Tenderfoot "Ninjas, man... ninjas."
Stop! Go! ALIENGame.png "Red Light/Green Light with aliens!"
Spirit Spot Spirit Spot.png "Ghosts don't have reflections. Fact."
Domino Block Artwork from the microgame Domino Block. "Grab a building to shield that house!"
Blocksmith LOSER.png "Huh. Weird key. I wonder if it fits?"
Spring Bot SPRINGGame.png "Escape the dome... and gravity."
Clock Rocks CLOCKRocks.png "Ninja, clockwork, loose rocks. Huh."
Heat Is On A picture of Heat is On. "Find the criminal. Warmer...warmer..."
Shell Game ShellGameWWDIY.png "Destroy the enemy! Fire stuff at it!"
On-Line FUSIONROBOT.png "Combine our powers and blast off!"
Gun Vs Ninja Gun Vs Ninja in WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase "Silly cowboy. Guns can't stop ninjas!"
Wind Fall LEAFANDTHENINJA.png "When a leaf falls, punish it."
Boss Stage: Picket Ship OH NOSE!.png "Flying metal nose. Missiles. Yup."


"I'm Dribble! Spitz and I entered a rally, but can our taxi hack it?"

Kat & Ana's Sky Patrol[edit]

Kat & Ana's Sky Patrol is a set of microgames of the "Animal" genre, hosted by Kat & Ana. The intermission stage depicts them flying through the sky. The number of lives is represented by birds who fly with them. If the player wins, they fly into a rainbow. If the player loses, the sky darkens and one of the birds get struck by lightning. If the player gains an extra life, a bird hatches out of an egg. After a boss microgame, Kat & Ana appear in "Ninja Heights." Clicking on the screen will make them appear in different places. When the player runs out of lives, Kat & Ana fall.


Name Image Description
Stripy Sea StrippySea.png "You can float, but you can't hide!"
Fish Which WhoAteIt.png "These kitties look suspicious..."
Ball & Chain Ball & Chain from WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase "This puppy needs to play!"
Crypto Zoo Crypto Zoo "This animal is all mixed up!"
The Lily Cup LilyCup.png "Go, Speed Ribbit, Go!"
Officer K-9 OfficerK9.png "Get in some barks, then some bites!"
Bird-Watcher BirdWatcher.png "A bad memory is for the birds!"
Animal Xing Animal Xing.png "Swap the bridge... goats can't fly!"
Critterific Critterific.png "Give these flies a tongue-lashing!"
Red-Handed Red-Handed.png "Get a little light in your life!"
Pork Sort PorkSort.png "Send these little piggies home!"
Rabbit River RABBITGame.png "Why did the bunny cross the river?"
Cheese Run CheeseRun.png "Sleeping cat, tempting cheese..."
Door Dash Door Dash.png "Wait, wait, wait, hold that door!"
Out of Water OutofWater.png "Flop the fish but avoid the rock!"
Worm Food Worm Food.png "Baby birds get the worm. Sorry, Ma!"
Escape Hatch EGGGame.png "Shatter the shell and be free!"
Dog Catcher Dog Catcher.png "Pick the playful puppy!"
Boss Stage: Caterpillage GiantBug.png "Eat cookies, not cans!"


"I'm Kat! My partner, Ana, and I patrol the skies and keep them safe from flying evil!"

Jet 18Volt[edit]

Jet 18Volt is a set of microgames of the "Nintendo" genre, hosted by 18-Volt. 12 microgames are encountered prior to the boss. The intermission stage depicts him flying and encountering a swarm of Fronks who form the current score. The number of lives is represented by 18-Volt's head icons. If the player wins, 18-Volt defeats the Fronks. If the player loses, the Fronks zap 18-Volt. After a boss microgame, 18-Volt encounters 9-Volt flying a ship depicting his helmet and offers a "high-five" but gets slapped instead. If the player clicks on the screen during this, rows of Fronks will appear behind 9-Volt. When the player loses all of their lives, 18-Volt becomes depicted as a spirit on a "Game Over" screen.


Name Image Description
Mario Kart MarioKartWWSC.png "Use the shell to get ahead!"
DK 3 DK3Game.png "DK is awful close to that hive, huh?"
Wario Land WARIOGame.png "Mind the pointy bit, OK?"
Duck Hunt DHGame.png "Well, it IS called "Duck Hunt...""
Super Koopa WWDIYSSupKoo.png "Coins good! Koopa bad!"
DK Country DKCGame.png "Who likes bananas and not bees? You!"
Donkey Kong DKWWSC.png "Get the barrels out of Jumpman's way."
Advance Wars AdvanceWar.png "It's hard to tell who won this war."
Card Hero (Japanese exclusive) CardHero.png N/A
Punch-Out!! (replaces Card Hero in localized versions) Punch-Out!! (WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase) "You can take this guy! He's a chump!"
Wild Gunman WGGame.png "Wait 'til he says, then shoot him."
Wreck. Crew WRECKGame.png "Best way to defeat an enemy? Ladders."
Mario Bros. MarioBros.Game.png "They're gumming up the plumbing."
Clu Clu Land CCLGame.png "Use your strange hooks to navigate."
Mario Slots MSGame.png "Line 'em up! Any three will do!"
Mogitate Chinkuru (Japanese exclusive) FreshlyPickedTingle.png N/A
Kid Icarus (replaces Mogitate Chinkuru in localized versions) KidIcarus.png "Break all the jars and collect stuff."
Mario Adv. MAGame.png "Use vegetables to beat your enemies!"
Boo Boo!.png "Keep the Boos at bay. By looking."
Zelda 2 Z2Game.png "Use your shield to block boomerangs."
Boss Stage: Dustpan Chiritorie "Suck up lint while avoiding fire."


"I'm 18-Volt, with twice the power of that other guy you might be thinking of!"

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