Mario Bros. (WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase)

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Mario Bros.
Appears in WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase
Type 18-Volt
Command(s) Flip!
Info "They're gumming up the plumbing."
Controls Wii Remote – Move cursor
A Button – Jump

Mario Bros. is a microgame from 18-Volt's stage, appearing in WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase, based on the Super Mario game Mario Bros.


The player must flip the enemies on screen (Shellcreepers and Sidesteppers) by making Mario jump under them by clicking at him. While the Shellcreeper must be hit one time, Sidesteppers must be hit two times. If the player does not hit all the enemies, they will lose.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオブラザーズ
Mario Burazāzu
Mario Bros.