How Low?

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How Low?
How Low?
Appears in WarioWare: D.I.Y.
Type DLC
Controls Stylus – Make dancer limbo

How Low? is a downloadable microgame in WarioWare: D.I.Y. and WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase. It was released on January 20, 2010 in Japan, December 20, 2010 in North America, and January 21, 2011 in Europe.


At the start of the game, a limbo dancer is walking toward a bar. Tapping him with the stylus will cause the man to lean backwards lower and lower, and the goal is to make him successfully limbo under the bar. The game is won if the bar is successfully passed under, but it will end in failure if the man collides with the bar. Tapping the dancer too many times will cause him as to lose balance and fall to the floor, also resulting in a loss.