Duelius Maximus

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Duelius Maximus title screen

Duelius Maximus is a two-player mode found in the Variety Pack of WarioWare: Get It Together! It involves two players playing microgames until one of them loses all of their lives.


The players can choose between two modes: the Standard Round and the Lightning Round.

  • In the Standard Round, players can freely choose crew members. The players will play microgames increasing in speed and difficulty, like in the main game and the Play-o-pedia. Players can start with up to four lives. It is the spiritual successor to Battle Time in WarioWare Gold.
  • In the Lightning Round, both players will get the same crew member at random for each round. If a player wins a microgame, their opponent's screen will freeze (if they have not already lost), making it impossible to win the microgame and thus guaranteeing the loss of a life. It is possible for both players to win at the same time, especially if it's a survival microgame (in which case one player is guaranteed a victory if the other fails). Players can start with up to eight lives.

If both players lose their last life from the same round, the mode will enter sudden death and the next person to lose a microgame will lose the battle.

Microgames become more difficult as the game progresses.

  • Rounds 1-8: Level 1 difficulty at increasing speeds.
  • Rounds 9-16: Speed resets at round 9; Level 2 difficulty at increasing speeds.
  • Rounds 17-24: Speed resets at round 17; Level 3 difficulty at increasing speeds.
  • Rounds 25-32: Speed resets at round 25; Level 3 difficulty at rapidly increasing speeds.
    • Round 25 has the same speed as round 17. Round 26 is equivalent to round 19, round 27 is to round 21, and round 28 is to round 23. Starting at round 29, microgames are faster than any previous round, making it much more difficult for the players to keep going without fail.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いきのこりバトル
Ikinokori Batoru
Survival Battle
Italian Duello tra gladiatori Duel between gladiators
Spanish Duelius Maximus -