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Appears in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!
Type Strange
Command(s) Twirl!
Info "Twirl all the pasta onto the fork! No dessert unless your plate's clean!"
Controls +Control Pad+Control Pad - Twirl pasta
Points to clear 25

Noodle-Rama is a microgame in the Strange folder in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!.


There is a plate of spaghetti with a fork above it. The player must press the indicated directions on the +Control Pad to wind the spaghetti around the fork. The player must always start by pressing right, then rotate in a clockwise direction.

  • 1st level difficulty: The player must press 5 times to wind the spaghetti up.
  • 2nd level difficulty: The player must press 7 times to wind the spaghetti up.
  • 3rd level difficulty: The player must press 9 times to wind the spaghetti up.


  • Spanish: "¡Enrolla toda la pasta que hay en el plato! ¡O no hay postre!" ("Roll up all the pasta on the plate! Or there is no dessert!")
  • French: "Enroule tes pâtes autour de la fourchette! Si tu finis pas, pas de dessert!" ("Wrap your pasta around the fork! If you don't finish, no dessert!")
  • Italian: "Raccogli tutti gli spaghetti con la forchetta!" ("Collect all the spaghetti with your fork!")
  • German: "Wickel alle Nudeln auf die Gabel! Es gibt keinen Nachtisch, wenn der Teller nicht leer ist!" ("Wrap all the noodles on the fork! There is no dessert if the plate is not empty!")
  • Japanese: 「ハラへったー! パスタを グルグルまいて、さらを あけろ!」 ("Harahettā! Pasuta o gurugurumaite, sara o akero!") ("I'm exhausted! Spin the pasta around and clean the plate!")
  • Chinese: 「把意大利面都卷到你的叉子上去! 在把盘子里的东西吃光以前、没有甜点!」 ("Bǎ yìdàlì miàn dōu juǎn dào nǐ de chāzi shàngqù! Zài bǎ pánzi lǐ de dōngxī chī guāng yǐqián, méiyǒu tiándiǎn!") ("Just roll the pasta onto your fork! No dessert until everything on the plate is finished!")

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パスタ
Chinese 意大利面
Yìdàlì miàn
French Bolognaise Bolognese
German Nudeldrama Noodle drama
Italian Spaghetto-vortice Spaghetti-whirpool
Spanish Pasta-rollo Pasta-twirl