Cashzap Candy

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Cashzap Candy

The Cashzap Candy is a green Candy in Mario Party 8. It has a picture of Lightning on the wrapper, and when a player uses it, it causes lightning to surround them. This makes them a "Cashzap" character because it allows them to blast an opponent, chosen by the dart wheel, with lightning, destroying half of the victim's coins. In Tag Battle, players can destroy coins only from one of their opposing team characters instead of spinning a dart wheel.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビリビリキャンディ
Biribiri Kyandi
Shocking Candy
French (NOA) Bonbon Cashzap Cashzap Candy
Italian Caramella Bucamani Hand-holer Candy (in Italian, a person with "holed hands" is someone who wastes his money)
Spanish (NOA) Caramelo Cashzap Cashzap Candy
Spanish (NOE) Caramelo Ruinamelo Ruinamelo (from ruina, "ruin") Candy