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Twice Candy from Mario Party 8
A Twice Candy
Twice Candy
Twice Candy

The Twice Candy is a red Candy in Mario Party 8. It has a picture of two red Dice Blocks on the wrapper and replaces the Mushroom Orb from past Mario Party games. When used (and after some special effects), it lets the player hit two Dice Blocks instead of one. Players get 10 coins if they get the same number on both Dice Blocks (30 coins for two 7s). Twice Candies can be hidden on every board (they are the only candy in the game to be found on all boards), and they typically cost five coins at Candy Shops. If the player has fewer than 20 coins and visits a Candy Shop, two or even all three of the candies to choose from may be a Twice Candy.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サイコロキャンディ
Saikoro Kyandi
Dice Candy
French (NOA) Bonbon Deux Fois Two Times Candy
German Zweimal-Bonbon Two Times Candy/2X Candy
Italian Caramella Duedadi Two Dice Candy
Spanish (NOA) Caramelo Doble Double Candy
Spanish (NOE) Caramelo Doblemelo Doblemelo (from doble, "double") Candy