Pirate Goomba

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Pirate Goomba
Captain Goomba's friends about to launch Mario.
First appearance Mario Party 8 (2007}
Variant of Goomba
“Avast ye! No landlubber's gonna mess with Cap'n Goomba while we're on duty!”
Pirate Goomba, Mario Party 8

Pirate Goombas are the crew of Captain Goomba in Mario Party 8, appearing as a group of three Goombas with green pirate bandannas. Like him, they are only found in Goomba's Booty Boardwalk, where they appear on a Green Space. If a player lands on their Green Space, the three Goombas will exclaim that "landlubbers" are not allowed to meet their captain and are only worthy to be cannon fodder. Upon saying this, the Pirate Goombas immediately surround the character, load them into the cannon, and blast them back to the start. Additionally, Captain Goomba commands them to do the same in the Star Battle Arena after the player rolls a Coin Block in the Coin Block Area.