Star Carnival Stage

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The Star Carnival Stage from Mario Party 8
The Star Carnival Stage in the end of a Party Tent match
The Star Carnival Stage in Mario Party 8
The Star Carnival Stage in the Star Battle Arena

The Star Carnival Stage is the main stage of the Star Carnival, located directly on the center of the Star Carnival. It features a large, jumbotron-like screen in the background that shows different objects every time, and two smaller screens which show sprites from Super Mario Bros. and an 8-bit sprite of the words "MARIO PARTY 8."

In the Party Tent, it is shown when the player completes a Battle Royale or a Tag Battle. Then, MC Ballyhoo speaks to the characters, gives Bonus Stars (if the player turned them on) and announces the winner.

In the Star Battle Arena, it is shown at the beginning, where MC Ballyhoo presents the spectators to "the challenger" (the character that the player chose), and between each match, where MC Ballyhoo congratulates the character for winning and tells him who is his next rival. After the fifth match, MC Ballyhoo gives the character the Star Rod in the Star Carnival Stage, but Bowser steals it and goes to his board. After the character defeats Bowser and gets back the Star Rod, the character returns to the Star Carnival Stage before the credits roll.

A figure of the Star Carnival Stage can also be bought in the Surprise Wagon for 30 Carnival Cards.