Star Rod (Mario Party 8)

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This article is about the Star Rod from Mario Party 8. For the Star Rod from Paper Mario, see Star Rod (Paper Mario). For the item from the Super Smash Bros. series, see Star Rod (Kirby).
The Star Rod

The Star Rod is a magic wand that appears as the reward for becoming the Superstar of the Star Carnival in Mario Party 8. After completing the game's Star Battle mode, MC Ballyhoo will award the player with not only a year's supply of Candy, but the Star Rod itself, which he had been carrying in Big Top all this time. However, Bowser swoops down and steals the rod, claiming he's the real Superstar. The player then chases Bowser to his board, Bowser's Warped Orbit, where it is recovered after the player beats one of Bowser's minions, and used to create energy balls that attack Bowser in Superstar Showdown.