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This article is about the red power-up from Super Mario Galaxy. For information about the Power Star awarded in the Gateway Galaxy, see Red Power Star.
Red Star
Red Star.png
A red Star with eyes.

First Appearance

Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

Effect on Player

Turns Mario into Flying Mario.

“This is a Red Star. It holds the power of the Red Lumas. But the really amazing part about it is, it allows you to fly after you spin in midair. Yes, FLY!”
Red Luma, Super Mario Galaxy

The Red Star is an item that appears only in Super Mario Galaxy. It resembles a red Grand Star and holds the power of the Red Lumas, one of whom first gives Mario the Red Star in the Gateway Galaxy. It transforms Mario into Flying Mario, who has the ability to fly through the air, similar to Wing Mario from Super Mario 64. However, unlike the effects of the Wing Cap, the Red Star allows Mario to fly more freely, changes the color of his clothes, doesn't give the player wings, and is self-propelled, like the P-Wing, and also would grant Mario a gravitational pull when he spins, pulling in nearby Star Bits and Coins on ground or in flight.

After obtaining the Red Star, Mario's clothing changes. Instead of his normal red cap and blue overalls, he wears a black cap and black overalls, while his red shirt remains unchanged. While flying, Mario's hands glow, and he leaves red streaks in his path. By holding A Button, Mario stops in midair, and red streaks point in the direction he is facing. After collecting a Red Star, flight is activated by executing a Star Spin in the air, as opposed to performing a Triple Jump, as is required with Wing Mario.

Red Stars play a very limited role in the game. Other than allowing Mario to complete a Purple Coin challenge in the Gateway Galaxy, the only other appearance of any Red Stars in the entire game is in the Comet Observatory, where they can be used for exploration, and for reaching a few 1-Up Mushrooms that are otherwise inaccessible, such as the one on top of the Garden spire and the one beneath the Gate.


Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Estrella roja Red star
Italian Stella Rossa Red Star


  • This is the only power-up to not be listed in the Super Mario Galaxy instruction booklet, probably because it's introduced near the end of the game.
  • The Red Star is one of two power-ups not to return in Super Mario Galaxy 2, the other being the Ice Flower. However, like the Ice Flower, the Red Star's theme returns, and is updated to match the other power-ups. Unlike the Ice Flower, Flying Mario is complete on the disc, suggesting it was cut very late in development. In fact, all the player has to do to use the Red Star is disable the "event table" for obtaining a power-up for the first time.