Bigmouth Galaxy

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Bigmouth Galaxy
Bigmouth Galaxy
Area Bedroom
How to unlock Complete Soaring on the Desert Winds and then feed the Hungry Luma outside the Bedroom 800 Star Bits
Mission(s) Bigmouth's Gold Bait
Stars Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.
Galaxy icon None
“This is my hideaway. It's the perfect spot for fishing...and being left alone!”
Penguru, Super Mario Galaxy

The Bigmouth Galaxy is a galaxy unlocked by feeding a Hungry Luma in Super Mario Galaxy. The galaxy consists of one large planet shaped like a fish with a wide open mouth that has stalagmites resembling teeth. The majority of the galaxy's sole mission takes place in a large body of water, which is accessed via the mouth. Gringills, Boos, and a Jam-o'-War appear in the water. The Bigmouth Galaxy may be named after an actual fish that is sometimes called the bigmouth bass.

This galaxy is the only galaxy to have five yellow Star Chips that turn into a Sling Star.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

Bigmouth Galaxy
An outside view of the Starting Planet.
The Bigmouth Galaxy
The underground lake.

This is the main planet of the area. It is shaped like a fish, with its interior full of water. In the belly of the planet are two lakes, one on the floor and one on the roof. Several Jammyfish and Gringills live in the bottom lake, while a Jam-o'-War floats above. When the player enters the fish's mouth, there will be two Boos near the entrance. If the player returns from the lake with the Gold Shell to where the Boos were, there will be lots more of them.

Water Planets[edit]

Water planets
Water planets
Water planets

These planets consist of spheres of water and are seen positioned around the Starting Planet. Their dimension considerably increases with distance: the nearest planets are relatively small, while the furthest planets are huge. They are inaccessible without hacking. These planets do not have gravity.[1]



This galaxy consists of only the following mission.

Level Image Summary
Bigmouth's Gold Bait SMG Gold Treasure Box.png This mission's objective is to use a Gold Shell to open a Gold Treasure Box.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フィッシュトンネルギャラクシー
Fisshu Tonneru Gyarakushī
Fish Tunnel Galaxy
Chinese 大鱼隧道银河
Dàyú suìdào yínhé
Big Fish Tunnel Galaxy
French (NOA) Tunnel Poissonneux Fishy Tunnel
French (NOE) Tunnel poissonneux Fishy Tunnel
German Fischtunnel-Galaxie Fish-Tunnel Galaxy
Italian Galassia Tunnel Marino Marine Tunnel Galaxy
Korean 피쉬 터널 갤럭시
Piswi Teoneol Gaelleoksi
Fish Tunnel Galaxy
Spanish (NOA) Galaxia del Túnel de los Peces Fish Tunnel Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Ictiotúnel Ichthyotunnel Galaxy


  • It is possible to reach the Gold Shell without collecting the Star Chips. This can be done by swimming to the surface of the large body of water and performing a wall jump into the water on the ceiling, or by using the momentum from a Green Shell to leap.
  • When viewed from the map accessed by talking to Polari, the skybox for Bigmouth Galaxy is not the same as it is when playing the level. It appears to be the same as Space Junk Galaxy's skybox.


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