Mario Meets Mario

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Mario Meets Mario
The 8-bit planet. To see the reverse side, go to :File:LuigiPurpleCoins.png
Location Toy Time Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Mario Meets Mario (called Luigi Meets Mario if the player is playing as Luigi) is the second mission of the Toy Time Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to collect five Silver Stars. This mission is referenced by the Mario Squared Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and is even directly named after it in Japanese text. This is the only standard mission in the galaxy to not feature the Spring Mushroom.


The player once again starts on the platform next to the circular train track, though this time the train is larger and the Launch Star is located above the track to the left. The Launch Star will take the player to a large mechanical planet where they have to find and collect five Star Chips; one of which is over a Sentry Beam, another is in a crystal, one is above a springboard, and two are obtained by using a screw to move the large platform through the planet. Once all five are collected, a Launch Star will appear to take the player to the 8-Bit Mario planet.

The Mario side of the planet is made out of shrinking platforms, rotating platforms, and pools of lava. Five Silver Stars are placed around the planet. Once all five Silver Stars are collected, the Power Star will appear back at the planet's starting platform.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオ / ルイージ オン マリオ
Mario / Ruīji on Mario
Mario / Luigi on Mario
Chinese 马力欧遇见马力欧 / 路易吉遇见马力欧
Mǎlìōu yùjiàn Mǎlìōu / Lùyìjí yùjiàn Mǎlìōu
Mario Meets Mario / Luigi Meets Mario
French (NOA) Mario/Luigi rencontre Mario Mario/Luigi Meets Mario
French (NOE) Mario²
Mario/Luigi et... Mario?! (Super Mario 3D All-Stars)
Mario/Luigi and.. Mario?!
German Mario/Luigi trifft Mario Mario/Luigi meets Mario
Italian Mario/Luigi incontra Mario Mario/Luigi meets Mario
Korean 마리오 온 마리오 / 루이지 온 마리오
Mario on mario / Luiji on mario
Mario on Mario / Luigi on Mario
Spanish (NOA) Mario/Luigi contra Mario Mario/Luigi versus Mario
Spanish (NOE) Mario/Luigi sobre Mario Mario/Luigi over Mario