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Species Mandibug
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
“The neighbors are causing trouble again! We would be most grateful for your assistance!”
Honey Queen, Super Mario Galaxy

Bugaboom is a boss that appears in Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is found in the Honeyhive Galaxy and the Puzzle Plank Galaxy and is the leader of the Mandibug clan that infested the Honeyhive Kingdom. The name Bugaboom is a pun on the word Bug-a-boo, which is a term for monsters, generally minor children's book monsters. Bugaboom shares its boss music with King Kaliente and Topmaniac. However, Bugaboom's boss music speeds up after it takes damage, which never happens with the King Kaliente and Topmaniac fights.


Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

Fighting Bugaboom
Bugaboom flying

In Super Mario Galaxy, Bugaboom is fought on a planet with several Banandelions and two Bee Mushrooms in the Honeyhive Galaxy and the level Big Bad Bugaboom. There is also a river of water that will deactivate the Bee Suit if touched by Mario. Under the planet is a black hole.

Bugaboom chasing Mario

Once Mario arrives on the planet, Bugaboom drops from the sky and clicks its mandibles. It then proceeds to attack Mario. The only way to defeat it is by jumping, flying or using a Banandelion to get on to its back and then Ground Pounding.

Bugaboom will then take flight and fly around in circles so that Mario can no longer jump on its back. The only ways to get up now are to use Bee Mario or a Banandelion. If Mario ground pounds on Bugaboom when above it, it will turn red with rage and start to fly faster and once every pass it will turn on its side and fire bombs at the ground. It is impossible to hit Bugaboom while it is on its side so Mario must wait until it is going the right way and use a Bee Mushroom to hover above where it will be or aim with a Banandelion which is considerably harder as Bugaboom is moving so fast. Once Mario ground pounds Bugaboom a third time, it will explode and a Power Star will appear.

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

Cloud Mario vs Bugaboom

Bugaboom makes its second appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in a secret mission entitled Bugaboom's Back. It is fought when Mario reaches its planet located in Puzzle Plank Galaxy after feeding the Hungry Luma on the previous planet 70 coins. Its battle tactics are the same as in the previous game, but Mario must change his strategy: instead of the Bee Suit, Mario must become Cloud Mario in order to defeat Bugaboom and the Banandelions are replaced with Springboards and the honeycombs have been removed. Bugaboom's boss music from Super Mario Galaxy returns in Super Mario Galaxy 2, where it plays the same way when Bugaboom is fought: it speeds up for the second and third hit. This boss, along with the fiery version of Gobblegut, are the only bosses in Super Mario Galaxy 2 that can be accessed only by a secret star mission. Bugaboom is one of two bosses originating in Super Mario Galaxy to appear again in Super Mario Galaxy 2 but to not be fought in the Boss Blitz Galaxy, with the Mandibug Stack being the other.

In the Prima guide to Super Mario Galaxy 2, one of the pictures for Bugaboom's article is a picture for King Lakitu's article instead.


Bugaboom model from Super Mario Galaxy
Bugaboom model
Bugaboom defeated in Super Mario Galaxy 2
Bugaboom in his red-colored form after he is defeated

Bugaboom is a huge green Mandibug, with six legs and eyes with ringed pupils. Unlike most Mandibugs, its body is flat instead of rounded. It will attempt to consume Mario with its retractable mandibles, but after attacking it once, it will reveal its wings and fly rapidly around its planet and drop explosives from the underside of its body, and after attacking it again, it will turn red-hot with anger. Bugaboom can be best described as a beetle with one solid green shell and the Ground Pound symbol emblazoned on it. Notably, the mandibles look much like an ant's pincers.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

Dome Terrace Galaxy Honeyhive Galaxy
Mission Big Bad Bugaboom Reward Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.

Trading card bio[edit]


"Upon entering the Honey Hive Galaxy, Mario must battle this six-legged Mandibug. Defeating it requires three direct hits. Ground-pound it as quickly as possible. Climb a dandelion stalk and jump on his back with a ground pound again. Power up to Bee Mario for the final blow, and your prize will be a Power Star!"

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

World World 2 Galaxy Puzzle Plank Galaxy
Mission Bugaboom's Back Reward Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Additional names[edit]

Internal names[edit]

Game File Name Meaning

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
ObjectData/BossStinkBug.arc BossStinkBug Boss Stink Bug
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy 2
ボスカメムシ (Bosu Kamemushi) Boss Stink Bug

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クワカブトキング
Kuwakabuto Kingu
Mandibug King

Chinese (traditional) 扁平蟲王
Biǎnpíng Chóng Wáng
Flat Bug King

French (NOE) Skaraboss
From "Skarabée" (Mandibug) and "boss"
German Stinkkäferkönig
Mandibug King
Italian Scaraboom
From "Scarafetor" (Mandibug) and "boom"; shared with Beetle Mania
Korean 사슴풍뎅이킹
Mandibug King

Spanish Escarabajo Rey
Mandibug King