The Chimp

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The Chimp
Artwork of the The Chimp from Super Mario Galaxy 2
Species Monkey
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
“They call me The Chimp. Seems like you may be a worthy high-climbing rival. Take this Power Star icon from Super Mario Galaxy.! We'll talk later...”
The Chimp, Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Chimp is a non-playable character appearing only in Super Mario Galaxy 2. He is a blue monkey that wears sunglasses and somewhat resembles a Ukiki, with yellow hair on his head in a style similar to Iggy's. The Chimp is competitive by nature and challenges Mario to beat his records in various games across different galaxies.

Mario meets The Chimp.

Mario first meets The Chimp in the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy, just after finding the Toad Brigade Captain, when he shows interest in a climbing race against Mario after watching him use the Cloud Flower. The Chimp later challenges Mario to a contest where he has to stomp on enemies and collect the coins to get 10,000 points or more with a time limit of two minutes (120 seconds).

Later, The Chimp appears in the Freezy Flake Galaxy, where he challenges Mario to a Whack-a-Mole style of game, where Mario has to get 500 points or more by hitting green Gummits and Golden Gummits while avoiding Spiky Gummits.

The Chimp giving Mario a Power Star
The Chimp giving Mario a Power Star after Mario completes The Chimp's Bowling Challenge

In Melty Monster Galaxy's secret mission, Mario needs to knock down Pinheads with the Rock Mushroom. After Mario gets 5,000 points or more, The Chimp gives him a Power Star. He next shows up in Shiverburn Galaxy and challenges Mario to another skating challenge but with 600 points as the target score. Even after, he appears in Honeyhop Galaxy, where he challenges Mario again to defeat enemies to get points. If the player gets 10,000 points or more within the two-minute time limit, The Chimp gives Mario another Power Star.

The Chimp makes his final appearance in the Slimy Spring Galaxy, where he challenges Mario to another point challenge. This challenge is unique, however, in that it takes place mostly underwater, where Mario must shine a Green Shell's light on Snoodles and Boos. If the player can win this challenge by scoring 10,000 points or more in 180 seconds (three minutes), The Chimp gives the player a Star after requesting that Mario teach him some of his moves.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さすらいの遊び人
Sasurai no Asobi-nin
Wandering Playman

Chinese 放浪遊人
Fànglàng Yóurén
Wandering Playman

French (NOE) Billy Banane
Billy Banana
German Wanderaffe
Hiking Monkey
Italian Scimmia Bighellona
Loafer Monkey
Korean 자유랑
The term "자유로운 유랑자" (Jayuroun Yurangja, the Free Wanderer) mixed in one word

Spanish (NOA) Bananacho
Pun on "banana" and possibly "Nacho" (a nickname for people called "Ignacio")
Spanish (NOE) Molonio
From molón (a Spanish slang term for "cool") with Spanish male names ending -io; may involve mono ("monkey")