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“Spicy pepper!”
Whittle, Super Mario Galaxy 2
Dash Pepper
A Dash Pepper model.
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Effect Turns Yoshi into Dash Yoshi.

Dash Peppers are vegetables appearing in Super Mario Galaxy 2 along with Blimp Fruits and Bulb Berries. It appears as a jagged red and orange pepper reminiscent of a fletching. If Yoshi eats a Dash Pepper, he will become Dash Yoshi, turning red and gaining the ability to run much faster than normal, though with less control. This allows Yoshi to run up steep hills, up vertical faces, and across water during a restricted period of time. While the power-up is in use, a siren is heard. In all missions of Hightail Falls Galaxy and the Prankster Comet of Starshine Beach Galaxy, the music in the level speeds up and a high-pitched jingle is added in tune with the music. This only happens in these two places due to the music playing at the time; it is a cover of Super Mario World's athletic theme, and it is the only track in the game which has a different version for the Dash Pepper.

The Dash Pepper is used primarily in the Hightail Falls Galaxy, where it is introduced. It is also used in the Starshine Beach Galaxy and Bowser's Galaxy Generator. Once the effects have worn off, if the player is still on a vertical face, or if they have hit a wall, which slows both Mario and Yoshi down by stopping them, both Mario and Yoshi will fall regardless of the state/direction they are facing.


Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

  • North American website bio: "This super spicy veggie lets loose a fire in Yoshi's mouth, and a spring in his step. Watch as he transforms into the bright red Dash Yoshi, and moves at a blazing fast speed, straight up those steep inclines."[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダッシュフルーツ
Dasshu Furūtsu
Dash Fruit
French (NOE) Piment turbo Turbo pepper
German Turbo-Pfeffer Turbo Pepper
Italian Frutto Peperino Pepper Fruit
Korean 대시 고추
Daeshi Gochu
Dash Pepper
Spanish (NOA) Chile veloz Fast chili


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